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...And the 4b Curl is the second episode of season 1 of The CW television series Tom Swift. It aired on Tuesday, June 7, 2022, on The CW.


Official synopsis of ...And the 4b Curl from The CW:

SECRETS – When Tom discovers that an important piece of the mission to save his father is on the grounds of a family frenemy’s estate, he’s forced to make a tough choice – woo them with the most awkward dinner known to man. But Tom is shocked when that dinner of errors revels a dark secret from Tom’s past that even Zenzi didn’t know. Zenzi and Tom venture into a dangerous mine to find the next capsule piece, but the only question – is their friendship strong enough to survive the secrets they’ve kept from each other. Marquise Vilson, Albert Mwangi and April Parker Jones also star.

Plot summary


Tom, Zenzi, Isaac, and Barclay arrive near the first capsule piece. They realize it isn't a capsule piece but wreckage.

Act One

Back in the plane, they discuss the importance of finding the first capsule piece - the brain - as it unlocks everything else. Tom isn't sure if Barclay messed up but is running a defrag just in case. He and Zenzi banter playfully, before shifting to Isaac. Zenzi is still surprised that Isaac isn't gay, but concludes he's trans and bi. Tom explains Isaac is pansexual, though Zenzi isn't interested in anyone who's “Tomsexual”. Later, Zenzi, Tom, and Isaac learn the capsule landed in the Darby Estate, the family Tom hates. Barclay gives a rundown of the Darby family and the secure area where Barton sent the capsule. Tom can't risk anyone finding out about their mission as they could work for The Road Back, who can't know Barton's alive. He wants to blow up the wall to get the capsule but Zenzi suggests a gentler method; a dinner.

Lorraine and Claire arrive at the Swift mansion to Tom, who insults Claire. Lorraine forces him to apologize. Once alone, Tom asks Lorraine to help him plan a dinner party with the Darbys. It's the first social event since Barton died but she will do it for Tom. She wants to talk with him about the social group afterward. She also wants him to wear Barton's which are in his safe.

Meanwhile, Isaac tries to figure out why a picture of Rowan is on Barclay's system. He deduces it's from the night Rowan touched Tom's shoulder and worries he compromised Barclay. Isaac wants to shut down the system but Tom refuses as Barclay is his friend and they need him. They learn the capsule is in the dangerous mines.

Act Two

Zenzi and Tom talk to Lorraine. Zenzi is excited to see Chris but Tom and Lorraine aren't fans of the Darbys. With his snarky comments gone, Tom is ready for dinner. He leads dinner with a toast. As the conversations shift around, the underhanded remarks from both families only increase until they begin reminiscing about their childhoods. Chris brings up a lifeguard that Tom had a crush on and an incident where Tom allegedly stole the lifeguard's speedo. The Darbys make light of the situation until Tom snaps that it never happened. He accuses them of being insecure ad having a copy-paste life of the Swift family. Meanwhile, Isaac and Barclay recon on the Darby wall. After dinner, Tom apologizes to Mr. Darby before asking permission to explore their drill mines. Darby rejects his offer.

Act Three

Lorraine lectures Tom for not being able to help himself. She's too tired to talk with him about the Tubman responsibilities. Rowan arrives to give Lorraine an invite from Congressman Eskol. The next day, Claire and Lorraine talk business. She wants Lorraine's support in becoming the permanent CEO of Swift Enterprises, which makes Lorraine cry. She knows Tom isn't ready but she can't take the inheritance away from him as it would break his heart. Claire offers her something to help her with insomnia. Isaac finds Tom working out before talking about Zenzi's budding feelings for Chris.

An urgent message from Zenzi calls him to Swift Enterprises. She wants him to speak with Chris one-on-one. Chris wants an apology but Tom refuses. Things escalate and Chris thinks Tom's still mad that he dared him to go into the mines 10 years ago and Tom came out crying. He was a coward then and is a coward now. Chris leaves with a promise that Tom will never come near his family estate. After an expectant look from Zenzi, Tom tells the story of being at the Darby Estate for one year. They go to the mines for a “man test” where Chris tells him to stay with his eyes closed for five minutes, promising to come back and they can play video games. Tom waited for what felt like hours before running out, getting lost, covered in scratches, and a burned-off eyebrow for his entirety of eighth grade. After, Chris told him he did it because Tom was too gay. Tom isn't thrilled about apologizing or going back there. Zenzi wonders why he didn't tell her. He's done talking about it. Back at Swift Mansion, Isaac, Zenzi, and Tom prepare for their trip to the mines. Tom adjusts a conditioner made for a 4B curl and amps it up to become an impenetrable barrier for a wetsuit.

Act Four

The trio arrives at the wall which Isaac explains is similar to one he faced in the special forces. He blasts the wall and system with an EMP to disable everything. Isaac doesn't want Tom to go alone but he assures the man he's got this, even holding his hand before going down. As he lowers down into the mines he experiences some flashbacks of being trapped with the acid burning his eyebrow off. As he lowers himself down, Tom's rope catches on a beam - he's stuck.

Act Five

Tom feigns that everything is fine over his comms. Meanwhile, Isaac and Zenzi talk about Tom not telling her about the mines. She hates that everyone lies to save face. He asks if she lies and he used to. In 2008 her dad went broke so her parents lied their way through everything. They maxed out cards, gambled at the Tubman group, and couldn't pay her tuition. Barton paid for Zenzi to stay in private school, something Tom doesn't know. Isaac asks if she goes after guys like Chris because it perpetuates the lie, but they just make her feel like they belong. He doesn't think she should wait to be chosen. She asks why he's waiting to be chosen by Tom. On cue, Tom announces he's stuck and needs Zenzi to come to save him in the extra suit he brought.

Zenzi cuts the beam for Tom as they exchange more witty banter. She tells him to say thank you and he does. They find the capsule which is sealed behind a code of a raised fist and a sun. The pair begin to argue until he admits that he didn't want to be embarrassed in front of her. He didn't want to make himself vulnerable to being humiliated all over again. He also knows that his dad paid Zenzi's tuition but didn't say anything because he didn't want her to be embarrassed. They apologize to one another, promise to never speak to the Darbys again, and then realize the code is the same as the watch safe - the date of the first black astronaut in space. They reach the ground again to an angry Chris, bodyguards, and a restrained Isaac.

Act Six

Tom and Chris argue over him being a bully to the nice kid but now Tom isn't nice and Chris is still a dick. Chris lashes out over being compared to Tom his entire life - his family owns rocks while Tom owns rocket ships. Barton was proud of Tom and left him a legacy, which is something Chris doesn't have. Tom asks if Barton really said that, which Chris confirms is true. Tom relents that this is their parent's mess, not theirs. Tom apologizes for adding to the fight. He will make Darby Minerals an official Swift vendor so they can share a legacy. The men shake hands. Later, Chris asks Zenzi for a date but she would rather trim her eyelashes with a weed whacker.

Back at the Swift Mansion, Tom explains to Zenzi that they can find the rest of the pieces using the brain. He shares what Chris said about Barton being proud of him, wondering if it's true. Zenzi believes it is as Tom is the only one who could have solved the puzzle. Barton knows Tom can bring him home. Claire gives Lorraine a sleep gel to help her relax. She applies it to Lorraine's bottom lip, though Lorraine begins to act disoriented. Lorraine comes compliant with her whims. She almost shares her ATM pin until Claire stops her. She asks what it will take for Claire to take over Swift Enterprises. Lorraine admits nothing will; Claire's just a caretaker. Barton would never leave his black family legacy to a non-black person.

Isaac follows Rowan to Zenzi's where she's given an invitation to a private dinner. Tom finishes setting up a project when Barclay begins to glitch. He realizes Isaac was right and calls him. The issue is in a tracking algorithm so whoever is on the other end has all their data and information, but can only access bits and pieces. Isaac asks Tom to send him a text as a test, and spies on Isaac who receives the same one. He tells Tom that Eskol's body man, Rowan, was the one who compromised Barclay. Tom decides to handle it his own way by sending Rowan a “you up” video.

Cast and characters




  • Bobbi Baker as Phyllis Darby
  • Jay Jones as Vernon Darby
  • Chris Blount as Chris Darby
  • Jamir Vega as young Tom








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