Ace is a main character in The CW's 2019 television series Nancy Drew. He is an amiable burnout. Ace is portrayed by Alex Saxon.


Ace has wavy, light brown hair, and light eyes.


Ace is officially described as an "amiable burnout"[1] He has a habit of consuming the food at The Claw restaurant, which sometimes caused them to run out of their stocks too early when serving customers. He is also a self-taught hacker, which had previously gotten him in trouble with the law.


Ace is the son of a former police officer called Tom and an unnamed mother, who is a librarian. When Ace was a child, his father got injured in an accident, which rendered him deaf. It was a time of great fear for Ace. His computer hacking skills were self-taught which also related to a rivalry had developed with one of library employees, Dominique.

As an adult, Ace works at The Claw restaurant with George Fan, Bess Marvin, and Nancy Drew.

Plot summary

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Bess Marvin

Bess and Ace are friends who work together at The Claw restaurant. Ace had initially taken an unrequited interest in Bess but supported her relationship with Lisbeth. He's an open ear for times when she needs to confide in someone about her troubles and is encouraging toward her being confident in her choices. Bess refers to Ace as her "platanchor". He also has told her his phone password and seems like she gave her too.

George Fan

George works at The Claw with him, they aren't really close, but keep cordial to each other.

Nancy Drew

Nancy is one of Ace's co-workers at The Claw restaurant. He has come to her aid in her investigations, especially towards the deaths of Lucy Sable and Tiffany Hudson. He briefly lost her trust when she discovered that he was an informant for Chief McGinnis, but she later forgave him after he had been involved in a car accident that temporarily displayed his soul from his body. Even went as far as abducting her father from prison to prevent a hitman from murdering him. They seem pretty close, and he takes a risk for her when he drinks the water in the poison vessel in season one. When his father asks why he did it, he just answers saying that he trusts her. Starts to distrust and even resent her a bit after the incident with the Aglaeca. In season two he seems a bit distant because he blames her for having to summon the Aglaeca and being now in the verge of dying. Later he reveals that he doesn't hate her, but he doesn't want to die when he finally found something that he really cares about, the Drew Crew. Also, he warns her that he doesn't want to lose her.

Ned Nickerson

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Laura Tandy

Laura was Ace's girlfriend. They had been together the previous summer before her return to uncover the truth behind her sister's death. Ace helped Laura obtain files containing Tiffany's final words, which Laura then played at her funeral. The two were also involved in a car accident from which they both recovered. Despite Laura's enthusiasm for their relationship to continue after she claimed her inheritance and went to Paris, Ace refused, not wanting to leave Horseshoe Bay to fulfill a different purpose, and broke those plans off, believing that it was best for both of them.

Chief McGinnis

Chief McGinnis prevented Ace from getting arrested for hacking into a government database. In return, Ace secretly operated on as his eyes and ears in the town of Horseshoe Bay. He was not allowed to mention their correspondence to anyone else, but the continued correspondence was uncovered by Nancy.


Well, I can be your anchor. Your platonic anchor. Call that a platanchor.
— Ace to Bess in The Secret of the Old Morgue.

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  • He knows ASL (American Sign Language) since his father lost his hearing due to working a dangerous case.
  • In The Whisper Box, his counterpart is fairly similar to his primary counterpart. This would make sense as he was created just for the 2019 series.
  • In The Secret of the Old Morgue, he calls his car "Florence" when Bess caught him talking to it.
  • Ace has been the dishwasher at The Claw for three years suggesting he's older than the rest of The Drew Crew. [2]


Ace appears in every episode of season 1. As a lead character, he is anticipated to appear in most episodes of season 2.

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