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In the trauma of my death, I became the Aglaeca. Those who died by the monster's hand had already been warned. They made their choice. Just as you did.
— Odette to Nancy[source]

Odette Lamar, formerly known as the Aglaeca, is a character in The CW 2019 Nancy Drew television series. She is portrayed by Anja Savcic and Leah Lewis.

Odette was once a French heiress that was executed aboard The Governance. Her execution turned her into a vengeful sea spirit, with groups of young adults calling on her for favors over the decades. She demanded a toll in exchange for her favor, but if they failed to pay, she killed them after seven days of portents.

Through the work of Nancy Drew and her friends, Odette was restored from a sea spirit to a human spirit. When George Fan was killed by Odette's indirect actions, Nancy revived her using an ancient shroud. The shroud drew George's spirit back to her body, but unwillingly bound Odette's nearby spirit to George's body.


As a human, Odette was a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. She wore beautiful expensive jewels and dresses to reflect her wealth. She was slender and had an oval-shaped face. Upon returning to her form as a human spirit, Odette's blonde hair is pinned in an up-do while she wears a flowing pink dress. She seemed to be restored to her appearance before her death as opposed to after, which was reflected in her sea spirit form. While inhabiting George Fan's body, Odette takes on her appearance, though there are several differences between George and Odette. Odette stands pin-rod straight, usually holds her hands in front of her, and walks in a sophisticated manner.

As a spirit called the Aglaeca, her appearance was drastically different. She was a vaguely-humanoid sea creature with webbed hands and a tail that resembled a mermaid. She had pure white eyes and wore ropes around her torso that attached to chains, which reflected how she was murdered. Her skin was relatively gone, showing the outline of her skull. She had elongated canine teeth paired with sparse hair that was cut in uneven patches. The Aglaeca also appeared to have horns sprouting from her skull in the shape of a crown.


Odette Lamar was a wealthy heiress from France, who learned that the soil around the LaMar land was right for vineyards. She turned her family holdings into a prosperous olive oil business. In her later years, she wrote secret yet beautiful love letters to an English woman named Mary Clark. She also posed for a portrait with her favorite ruby necklace. At the age of twenty-two[2], Odette boarded a ship to America called "The Governance", where she met Captain Douglas Marvin, who learned of her wealth. He coveted her wealth and decided to murder her to obtain it. He partnered with his friend Reverend Hudson in the scheme. Together, they murdered Odette while she was aboard, shaving her head and sacrificing her to the sea. Odette's death was painful as seaweed wrapped around her throat and she eventually drowned. The men, however, forged a marriage certificate that used Odette's wealth to found Horseshoe Bay.

They crafted a story that Odette had a whirlwind romance with Captain Marvin leading to their impulsive marriage. She then tragically died of consumption, known later as tuberculosis, before they reached land. Odette was recorded in history and remembered by her peers in this manner. Captain Marvin stole Odette's belongings, including her favored ruby necklace, and regifted them to his second wife Agnes Marvin. The violence of Odette's death and the betrayal she suffered turned her into a vengeful sea spirit. She shed her human form in favor of a vicious sea creature that would later be called the Aglaeca.

The Aglaeca became a local legend in Horseshoe Bay, Maine. She was first summoned by six women in white during the 1800's, one of which was a Hudson ancestor, named Temperance. The Aglaeca is documented by the Historical Society, with only one publication linking the legend to a human instead of a creature. According to legend, people can summon the Aglaeca and ask her for anything they desire. When the wish is granted, the wisher's eyes bleed. While many residents have called on the creature in the past, none of their wishes were fulfilled.

She was summoned again in 1975 by a group of troubled young adults, led by John "Mac" MacDonald. Rita Howell, Javier Perez, Perry Barber, AJ Nashiyama and Autumn Curtis took part in the ritual. When they failed to pay her toll, the Aglaeca came for each of their lives. Mac came into possession of the Aglaeca's sea shanty on a vinyl 1945 record, which he believed would help free them from the curse. The record was stolen by Buddy, Mac's best friend, as collateral for an unpaid bar tab. Mac killed Buddy who refused to give up the location of the '45. On July 17, 1975, each of the five friends died violent and horrible deaths that were disguised as accidents. The record holding the sea shanty was seemingly lost.

The sixth member of the group, AJ, survived the Aglaeca's wrath. He fled Horseshoe Bay to New Orleans, where he found an ancient talisman which has the mark of the bhoot engraved on it. The talisman attracts malevolent spirits and draws the most viscous and Evil spirits in the area to the holder. He uses the talisman to deter the Aglaeca, managing to survive forty-five years without falling victim to her.

Plot summary

When Nancy Drew needs to retrieve the lost bones of Lucy Sable, she calls upon the Aglaeca with the help of her five friends, Ace, George Fan, Bess Marvin, Ned Nickerson, and Owen Marvin. They form a seaweed wreath with white ribbon and perform the summoning ritual on the coast. The ocean responds by bringing Lucy's bones to their feet. In return for the wish, the Aglaeca requires a toll, this time seeking Owen Marvin's blood. It binds him to the sand and slices open his arm, making him bleed profusely. Appeasing the toll would have killed Owen, so the Drew Crew broke the wreath. While they save Owen, they leave the toll unpaid.[3]

The Aglaeca began sending portents to everyone involved in the ritual as she still needs to be paid. Nancy vomits up the wreath used for the ritual. George gets an apron full of sea crabs. Owen hallucinates fish hooks piercing his arm, and so on. If the toll remains unpaid, she will take all their souls. The Drew Crew performs another ritual to throw the Aglaeca off their trail, using Ryan Hudson's blood to confuse it. By using the blood of the summoners blood relative, the Aglaeca won't be able to find Nancy, and thus, her friends. However, the portents only increase, leading Nancy to suspect the Aglaeca might be of human origin. Victoria Fan warns that if this true, than the ritual wouldn't have stopped the Aglaeca, only anger her.[4]

When Owen Marvin is found dead, Nancy and the Drew Crew fear that the Aglaeca came to collect her toll. However, Hannah Gruen at the Historical Society, tells them that the Aglaeca collects the souls all at once. Meaning that if it was the Aglaeca, everyone in the Drew Crew would have died already.

The hand of the Aglaeca at the séance.

During a séance in an attempt to speak with Owen, the Aglaeca intervenes and shows herself, proving her anger. After Owen's murder is solved, Nancy believes that the Aglaeca was an executed prisoner, and that the visions she shows Nancy depict how she died. Bess discovers the visage of the Aglaeca in an old Marvin portrait, and later receives a vision of herself burning to death. The rest of the Drew Crew simultaneously receive vivid visions of their deaths, as the Aglaeca warns how she will take their souls.[5]

The Drew Crew heads on a search for a missing mirror that was used by the women in white to summon the Aglaeca. They mirror was stolen by the Bobbsey twins, Amanda and Gil, who are selling it to Nancy for $750. They are able to find a missing Gil and retrieve the mirror. Nancy breaks the glass to reveal a poem written on a piece of parchment that reads, “From sailor’s lips, sweet songs were spun, but for the Aglaeca only lies were spun. Dark spirit you seek, keeper of the deep. Her truth lies hidden in their sea shanty.” They realize that the secret of defeating the Aglaeca must lie in an 1800's shanty. In the meantime, the Drew Crew tried to get rid of everything relating to their death visions. Nick's truck suddenly reappears after the junkyard is mysteriously flooded, and the towel Ace wrapped around the end of the meat hook turns to blood.[6]

In an effort to finally stop the Aglaeca, Nancy and the Drew Crew investigate the sea shanty. Hannah Gruen helps them locate the shanty, which was written in the early 1800s. They learn that there was a single recording of the song on a '45 record, which was given to John MacDonald on loan in 1975. As they leave the cemetery, the Aglaeca watches them from the woods. They learn that John MacDonald and his friends also called to the Aglaeca and were unable to pay their toll, leading to their deaths. Nancy and the Drew Crew are able to track down the record and secure it. Ace, Bess, and Nancy listen to the record while Bess reads through the Marvin family history. Captain Marvin’s wife Odette Lamar died of consumption on the way to America, which Nancy doesn’t think is enough to create a violent ghost. Ace analyzes the song and finds a new recording that features Odette singing her story in French. She claims she was kidnapped by Captain Marvin for her fortune and then executed. The song will be the last thing her victims ever hear. Ace realizes the Aglaeca came for the souls of the 1975 summoners in seven days after their ritual, which means they only have three days left before she comes for them. They later learn that one of the Aglaeca victims is still alive.[7]

203 Aglaeca AJ.png

Nancy succeeds in finding the sole survivor of the Aglaeca, AJ Nishiyama, now AJ Crane, learning that he's been using an ancient talisman that attracts malevolent spirits. The evil spirits keep the Aglaeca at bay, but comes with a painful price of torment at the hands of the spirits. Not wanting to be tormented, Nancy is willing to give the Drew Crew's idea of returning Lucy's bones a chance. They lay the bones on the shore and Nancy cuts her palm, asking the Aglaeca to take back what she gave in exchange for forgiving their debt. The bones vanish into the water, but reappear in The Claw. While cleaning up the bones, they learn that AJ Crane has been impaled by a weather vane, which is eerily similar to how this latest character died in his book. Nancy and the Drew Crew visit AJ Crane's cabin which has years of research on the Aglaeca. Ace finds what he believes are blueprints for a dybbuk box, which is a Jewish object believed to be capable of trapping a spirit. They gather as much of AJ's notes as possible and leave the cabin, while the Aglaeca watches from the shadows.[8]

Aglaeca as a human

Nancy and the Drew Crew have 46 hours to destroy the Aglaeca, with Ace having found an operation dybbuk box. They have to fill the box with items important to the spirit while they were alive and a totem from their death. Nancy remembers that their portents were tokens from her death, so Owen’s sand should work as the totem of Aglaeca's death. They just have to figure out who she was in life for the plan to work. They learn that Odette Lamar was a wealthy French heiress and Captain Douglas Marvin’s first wife, a brilliant businesswoman, and the Lamar who figured out that the land in France was perfect for vineyards. Odette married Captain Douglas aboard the governance and died of consumption, though the sea shanty claims she was betrayed and murdered. Nancy finds a painting with Captain Marvin and his second wife, in which she is wearing Odette’s necklace. It’s enough to prove that Odette’s belongings made it off the ship, and if it was important enough for her to be painted in it then it’ll be enough for the dybbuk box. Nancy later finds the necklace along with love letters that Odette and an English woman wrote one another.

204 Aglaeca Drew Crew.png

Nancy and the Drew Crew go to the shore with the dybbuk box filled with Odette’s necklace and Owen’s portent sand. Nancy summons Odette, and the box begins to tremble as the Aglaeca emerges from the ocean, drawn to the dybbuk box. As she reaches for the necklace she turns back into her human self for a brief moment. She recoils at the last second and turns back to the Aglaeca. Nancy tells Odette that she knows the truth and they’re going to set history right. The Aglaeca angrily raises the box into the air causing it to explode. A ring of seaweed wraps around Odette’s neck and pulls her back to the sea. Nancy realizes that the seaweed wrap hurt Odette, and if they can hurt her, they can kill her.[9]

Nancy thinks the sand turned into the seaweed wrap because she was the last to touch the sand and the wrap was her portent, and the portents hurt the Aglaeca. Bess notes that the sun is about to rise and they have one day left before they die. Nancy thinks that if they can get more portent sand and divvy it up they can use it to defeat her once and for all. They just have to lure the Aglaeca using themselves as bait. Ace looks at AJ Nishiyama's death photo and notices the Aglaeca in the background of the image, and realizes that she collects her victims personally.

At midnight, everyone in the Drew Crew begins to hear the sea shanty and experience their death visions. Nick and George are confronted by the Aglaeca as her first victims, and the sand seemingly works to get rid of her as everyone's deaths are stopped. However, they later experience new death visions at The Claw as they didn't get rid of the Aglaeca, just angered her. A few hours later, Nancy gathers the Drew Crew as she believes that the portents only reminded Odette of the trauma she endured and why she became the Aglaeca. But if they they can appeal to the human the monster once was they can defeat her, as Odette doesn't want to hurt them, the Aglaeca does.

Nancy divvies up the letters from Odette so they can all read them. They learn from the letters that Odette and the English woman met in London, and Odette made the voyage to make a life for them despite being scared of the water, though the English woman loved the beach. Odette promised to send the English woman bottles of sand when she arrived in America. They hear the shanty begin to play, and the Aglaeca appears behind them. They begin to read the letters to her but the Aglaeca blasts Ace backwards with her scream, then George, and each of her victims. Her screams are immense and painful. Nancy manages to continue saying the letters as she remembers them by heart. One-by-one the rest of the Drew Crew remember and recite them. The Aglaeca screams in protest and then explodes into a puddle of water.

From the water appears Odette, human once more, and they remind her that she is not what the sailors did to her on the ship. The ground begins to shake violently until everything goes flying in an explosion, and Odette disappears. George is impaled by a harpoon and dies, though Nancy is able to save George by resurrecting her. The next morning, George is getting sparkling cider to celebrate their victory, but when she walks away, Odette's reflection remains in the mirror.[10]

Odette appears to George when the latter is trying to remind herself that despite being resurrected, she is still herself. Odette eerily tells George that she is herself too.[11] George tries to free herself of Odette be performing an exorcism with a clay doll. When she looks in the mirror she no longer sees Odette's reflection and believes herself to be free of the possession. She begins to clean-up The Claw when she sees Odette in the mirror and drops a glass. Bess hurries over to see if she’s okay but they are interrupted by Nancy who needs their help at the Breaker Hotel. George tells Odette’s reflection that she’ll deal with her later.

George, Nancy, and Bess investigate the disappearance of a college girl from The Breaker Hotel. The obtain security footage that shows the girl leaving a crashed dumbwaiter moments before her disappearance. Another woman approaches Jen and when she turns to the security camera, she’s revealed to be George. George explains to Nancy and Bess that she didn’t want to worry them but Odette Lamar has been time-sharing her body. When George died and came back to life with the shroud she wasn't alone. It feels different than with Tiffany, as she was almost dead within 24-hours but Odette has been with her for weeks. She tried exorcisms but nothing worked. Nancy realizes that it wasn’t George in the video but Odette, as she doesn’t remember anything when Odette takes over. Nancy is worried as the possession could kill her, and Bess wonders if the possession is different from an older ghost. They realize they have to talk to Odette to find Jen, but George doesn’t know how to make her appear.

Bess tries to lure out Odette with a photograph, French TV, pictures of her vineyard, 18th-century novels, but nothing is working. George thinks it’s time to go to the police but Bess thinks it’s a bad idea. Nancy rushes in with the last letter she had from Odette’s lover and threatens to burn it if she doesn’t come forward. The threat works as Odette snatches it out of Nancy’s hand and stomps out the fire. Odette claims she followed the sounds of the woman screaming, but Jen is with the hounds now and won’t be coming back. George returns and Bess believes that George killed Jen. Nancy calms Bess who still wonders what Odette wants or what she was doing at the hotel. Nancy asks George for her phone and uses it to track Odette’s whereabouts. They learn that “the hounds" is a reference to the Greyhound bus station.

207 Odette Posessing George2.jpg

Once the case of the missing girl is solved, George and Bess reconvene at The Claw. George asks Bess not to tell Nick about her being possessed as he already wakes up screaming with nightmares of her dying in his arms. Bess agrees to wait while they figure out a way to get rid of Odette. George switches to Odette who warns that the only way to get rid of her is to kill George.[12]

Nancy and George learn that by using the shroud, they pulled her spirit back into her body, but accidentally pulled Odette inside her too. They are kidnapped by Bess's ex-husband and Nancy groggily awakens to a constrictor knot and a rope tied to a candle, which once burnt through will trigger a fire from the gasoline spilled. Odette calls Nancy a bedbug who was kidnapped by her pretty-eyed friend’s husband, who Nancy mistakes for Ace until Odette clarifies that it’s Bess. They bicker before Odette tries to let George take control again but fails, as George’s mind puts up a fight but she hasn’t perfected relinquishing control yet. Nancy thinks they have about five minutes until the candle burns the rope. Odette thinks their predicament is karma for what Nancy did to Ralph Jenkins. Odette thinks punishment suits Nancy’s worldview as she has remorse, as she can hear George’s conversations when they interest her. Nancy thinks Odette could use remorse for killing all those people for centuries, but Odette doesn’t feel remorseful as those who called to her knew the price of not paying her toll - just as Nancy did. Nancy wonders what kind of person she is after ignoring all those warnings and if she was born this way, which confuses Odette. Nancy clarifies that she thinks it’s in her bloodline but Odette doesn’t recognize the Drew bloodline until Nancy reveals she is a Hudson. Odette coldly realizes Reverend Hudson was one of her murderers and an evil man. She is angered that Nancy, his descendant, now wants to expel her from George’s body.

Moments before the rope burns, Nick and Ace arrive and rescue the women. Odette is mortified by Nick having a knife and begins to strangle herself while whispering French. George takes over again and panics as Nick cuts the rope. Later, Nancy warns that George that if she can't learn to co-exist with Odette that she might go clinically insane like the same previous owner of the shroud. That night, Nick confronts George about why she said “you can have her back” in French when she was tied up as she doesn’t know French. George finally tells him that she is possessed by Odette Lamar and that’s what has been happening. The shroud pulled both George and Odette’s spirits into her body, but she isn’t in pain though if anyone uses it again she’ll die for real.[13]

The next morning, Odette stands in front of the bedroom mirror annoyed by the new day. She turns around to see Nick and asks him what he wants, calling him Nicolas. He was wondering when they might meet but she just wants him to go away. She permits him to leave as she lays back down in bed, trying to go back to sleep. Her phone buzzes with Nancy’s call and an annoyed Nick demands Odette to speak with him, but George takes control back of her body. At The Claw that afternoon, Nick tries to find exorcisms for Odette but George is adamant that she tried everything but he assures her that if they beat the death curse and the Aglaeca then can fight this too. She wants to live with this but tells him he has a choice if he wants to stay with her, as she and Odette are a packaged deal.

They go on a quest to find the missing shroud, which takes them to a graveyard. Odette stands in front of a tombstone and chastises Nick for constantly asking George what is going on, as she thinks George’s thoughts should remain in her head. She wishes she could be like the tombstone in front of her. Her bones in the earth and her spirit reunited with her love rather than imprisoned in George’s small body. She calls Nick her idiot cellmate and scolds him for not knowing the difference between granite and limestone. She points them out for him and returns to the stone, where George eventually resumes control.

Nick and Bess talk about Odette possessing George. He opens about how mean Odette is and that things are going to be complicated. He doesn’t know who he’s going to bed with at night or waking up to in the morning, not to mention the in-between when they may have sex. He wants to set ground rules with Odette, a schedule, or full-time solitary confinement. Unbeknownst to them, Odette eavesdrops on their conversation from the office. She sets down a letter from her English lover. Bess and Nick check on George to find the office empty, the window open, George’s belongings still there, and the laptop open to tidal charts to ensure there wasn’t water to break her fall. Odette stands at the bluffs looking down at the water.

Nick and Bess find Odette at the bluffs but Odette doesn’t want to speak with Nick as she heard his rules and doesn’t want to be confined. Bess tries to appeal to Odette by sympathizing with her losing her true love and her reason to get up in the morning. She calls her a spider monkey but Odette reveals that her lover’s name was Mary, and all she has to do is take one step to be reunited. Bess and Nick try to get Odette to see things logically, as they don’t know what happened to Mary or where she even is. Odette believes they were robbed of life together so Nick pleads with Odette to let George live so they can all make this work. Nick promises that if she doesn’t listen to him he will follow her off the cliff and spend an eternity making her feel his pain. He loves George and they are in this together, all three of them. She repeats Bess’s former statement of “if it pleases the court or even if it doesn’t” before letting George have control once more.[14]

Odette and Bess

Part of their established rules are scheduled times when Odette can come through, with the catch that she must honor and respect George's body when she is in control. After delivering her usual snarky comments to Nick, he tasks Ace with following Odette to ensure she follows the rules. Odette balks at this but when Bess arrives she agrees to let Bess be her chaperone. The trio go ice skating, where Odette and Bess begin to have an obvious connection. Odette holds Bess's hand which prompts Bess to realize that they wouldn't have been able to do this in Odette's time. Odette admits that they would have killed her if they knew, but solemnly realizes they did kill her. The women end up enjoying their time together as they become heavily intoxicated. At some point, Ace leaves the women alone and they are arrested by the Horseshoe Bay police department for public intoxication.

When Bess and George awaken the next morning tied to a bench, George angrily says that she never remembers what happens when Odette takes over. Later that afternoon, George confronts Odette in a reflection as she isn't pleased with how things went last night, or the hangover she didn't earn. Odette isn't cooperative so George threatens to never let her out again if she doesn't begin to respect her body. That night, Bess admits to Ace that when she looks at Odette she doesn't see George in her eyes, but it doesn't ease her growing feels for Odette.[15]

Odette beings to grow protective over George, as she made a vow to keep George alive. She presses the Drew Crew to stop fighting the Grimathorne, though they had written down not to trust Odette as she lies.[16] Bess and Odette begin to write love letters to one another, professing their feelings. In the meantime, George learns from Jessie that Odette comes out at night and she helps Jessie with her French homework. Ted likes her a lot and Odette has been helping her track a comet, but Charlie thinks it’s just George messing with them. When George finds the letter from Bess to Odette, Bess apologizes and assures that she would never let her feelings cross that line but there’s a hole where Lisbeth and the Marvin’s used to be. Odette filled that void but George tells her it has to end now.[17]

The feud between George and Odette escalates as they each break personal boundaries; Odette throws away all of George's hoodies and reorganized her office, so George hides the love letter from Odette's English lover, Mary. Odette talks to George about the letter she’s holding and tells her that their souls are entwined so a ritual won’t help them. George wants her hoodie back but Odette reminds her that the fabric is replaceable but not the letter. Odette scores an extension for George's sisters homework assignment, which leads the pair to mend their friendship. She apologizes for not being fair as she didn’t recognize what Odette went through. She wants to help Odette find Mary, so they agree that the clothes and Claw are off-limits. George allows Odette and Bess to have a friendship, so Odette visits Bess to watch a film with her.[18]

In the meantime, George upholds her end of the deal and summons her great aunt Mei to find the soul of Mary, Odette's English lover. Mei can’t find Mary Clarke as she’s moved on. After Odette died she found a great love again, had a full life, and died in old age surrounded by family. Odette was only a small part of her long story. Odette initially doesn't believe Mei as she died with Mary's name in her heart. Mei also warns George that she’s tangled with Odette. She shows that her palm is changing as her lifeline is changing to match Odette’s. If she doesn’t find a way to sever that connection she will die sooner than she’s supposed to.[19] George confirms that she has less then ten years left before she dies, since her lifespan will end a few years past Odette's.[20] Odette later helps Bess write a beautiful dating site profile for Bess as a way to help her move on.[21]

The Drew Crew travel to New York to find a machine to save Nancy's life from a parasitic wraith. They decide to distract the owner, Myrtle Hudson, by pretending that Nick and George are engaged. George is against the idea so Odette takes over to pretend she is engaged to Bess. Odette, Bess, and Nancy enter the home where the “fiancés” go on a tour while Nancy lets the boys inside. Myrtle tries to woo over the couple with her planning skills, which include zebras. Bess shrieks over zebras to distract Myrtle from the boys passing the window. They continue to distract Myrtle by having an argument, at which point, Bess realizes that her entire relationship with Odette was just a fantasy that wasn't real.

218 Odette Bess Kiss.png

When the mission is complete and Nancy's life is safe, George thanks Odette for stepping it up for her. Odette admits she’s fond of George but is becoming a helicopter ghost. She has to say goodbye which means locking herself away so she can’t come out. George needs to live her life while Odette gets out of the way. George writes a note for Odette to give Bess before she locked herself away. At the Historical Society, Odette gives Bess flowers. Bess doesn’t want to say goodbye. Odette admits that Bess made her whole again. She gives Bess the note which says “Kiss Her”, so Bess does and in a whirlwind, George turns into Odette, then back to George. Once the kiss ends, Odette locks herself away inside George, which allows George to comfort Bess.[22]

Later, the Drew Crew gains access to a soul-splitter, which George hopes to use to untangle Odette's soul from her body and thus let her live a full life. While Bess prepares a potion to put George in a trance, Ryan and Carson are tasked with obtaining the soul-splitter. However, they accidentally inhale a juvenescence elixir, unleashing youthful inhibitions that prevent them from bringing the soul-splitter to George within the planned hour. Due to the extended wait time, George passes out, and Odette briefly surfaces and recognizes Bess. When Nancy finally arrives with the soul-splitter, Bess begins the ritual, placing a crystal inside of it for Odette's and George's souls to move into. She splits the crystal in two, each half containing one soul. She takes Odette's half of the crystal out of the soul-splitter and attempts to return George's soul to her body, but this does not work. Bess realizes that the ritual was meant for the original type of soul-splitter, not the knock-off they had, which was made by Beckett Dow. Nancy realizes that Dow also made the lock for the Copperhead's cage, so she heads to the cage to look for Dow's notes. She eventually learns that, in order for George to be brought back, the crystal with Odette's soul must be destroyed. Bess refuses to kill Odette, having hoped to find her a new body to live in, so she runs away with the crystal.

Nancy soon tracks down Bess comforts her, saying that after her mother died, she felt as if signs were left for her from her mother, telling her that she could be happy again. She tells Bess that Odette wants George to be happy and live her life, which can't happen unless the crystal is destroyed. Bess is hesitant, since she doesn't know that Odette will end up in peace, but is convinced when Nancy tells her that saying goodbye doesn't mean that she will be alone. They return to George, and Bess destroys the crystal, allowing Nancy to put George's soul back into her body. She wakes up, saying that she feels normal again, and thanks Bess for saving her. That night, Bess buries the broken crystal next to where lilacs, Odette's favorite flower, would eventually bloom in springtime. She promises Odette that her story will be remembered. Nancy comes over to Bess, where Bess fears that George will be mad at her for wanting to save Odette at the cost of George's life. Nancy says that George only needs to know that Bess made the right decision in the end by saving her life. Nancy then leaves to open the door, and Bess asks Odette for a sign that she is at peace. Suddenly, Nancy returns with Addy, which Bess takes to be the sign from Odette.[23]

Sea Shanty

The Aglaeca's singing beneath the sea shanty, translated from French:

Hear the truth.
I was no man's wife.
They stole my fortune and took my life.
My chaperone betrayed me.
The captain moved against me.
Now you ask of me but do not pay my toll.
So seven days later I'll come for your soul.
Sending omens beyond your wildest fear.
Finally, this song, the last you ever hear.

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  • The portents she initially sent the Drew Crew mirror how she died, from the hooks impaled in her hands, to her hair being cut, and the ropes tied around her limbs. These portents were how Nancy concluded that the Aglaeca was not only human once, but a prisoner who was sacrificed at sea.
  • Odette's love letters survived the Governance and were found years later by Captain Marvin's second wife, Agnes Marvin. Agnes wrote a letter detailing the truth of what her husband and Reverend Hudson did to Odette, hiding it along with Odette's necklace in a church.
  • Odette is the second ghost to inhabit George Fan's body, following Tiffany Hudson whose possession of George was nearly fatal.
    • However, Odette initially caused George's life span to end shorter than it was meant too, though not at the rapid pace that Tiffany's spirit inflicted. The only way to free herself from Odette's destiny is to untangle Odette's soul from hers, which was eventually accomplished through the use of a soul-splitter.
  • She has a crush, or at least an attraction to, Bess Marvin.
    • Odette locked herself deep down in George's mind so that George could enjoy the rest of her life without having to worry about Odette taking over.
  • She helped Jesse Fan with her French homework and tracked a comet with Ted Fan.
  • She enjoyed the song of parakeets.
  • It’s been heavily implied since Odette was untangled from George she has moved onto peace.


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