Alex Linh Trang is an intern at Reykjavik Harbormaster's Control Tower. She maybe half-Vietnamese.


Sea of Darkness

Nancy calls Alex on the ship radio and later on her cell phone to try to learn more about Magnus's disappearance. Alex confesses that she didn't check in with him that often. She knows a lot about ships and the old ages, and helps out Nancy whenever she needs to talk to an authority.

Alex used to be a barista, but she's allergic to coffee. She's always worried about getting fired. She's on an internship to get her degree in Maritime Psychology, or as she describes it, "sailor feelings". Alex calls the authorities when Nancy and Magnus end up trapped in the ice caves, saving the day.


  • "Look. I need this internship. If I get fired here, I'll be a barista until I die. I'm allergic to coffee, man. I can't go back. I can't go back to that life!"
  • "I mean, what are any of us doing in this crazy, messed-up world, y'know?"
  • "He's totally weird. Good weird, not serial killer weird."
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