The Anasazi Cliff Dwellings are located Northeast of Shadow Ranch.


The Anasazi created these dwellings inside a cliff overlooking the Arizona desert. The dwellings are made of stone and are laid out like a maze, but most doorways have markers on their tops in the form of brightly colored rocks. Visitors needn't get lost as long as they know the correct order of colors.

Some years after the Anasazi mysteriously abandoned their cliff dwellings, the bandit Dirk Valentine used them as a hideout. He carved a set of instructions that were intended to lead his girlfriend, Frances Humber, through the maze of doorways and straight to the treasure he left for her.

The Secret of Shadow Ranch

By the time Nancy visits Arizona, the Anasazi cliff dwellings have been abandoned for a long time, leaving nothing behind but some pottery. The dwellings are only accessible by lassoing a rope around a nearby tree and climbing it to the top.


  • It is unknown whether the Anasazi or Dirk Valentine first placed the door markers.


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