Antonia "Toni" Scallari is a city councilwoman in River Heights who also runs the ice cream shop Scoop.


Alibi in Ashes

Toni is running for reelection in 2011 and is at the scene of the Town Hall fire, making her a suspect. When investigating, Bess, George, and Ned find out that she held a grudge against Nancy for solving so many crimes and bringing the town's approval rating down. She also had plans to redesign the town hall as a mall, and uses snowflake-shaped ice cubes at Scoop (like the ice cube on the thermostat when the town hall burned down), which were suggested to her by Deirdre.

When Nancy's name is cleared, people hear about how Toni pushed for her to be arrested, and she quietly takes her name out of the running for city council.


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