Antonio Demetrius Fango was born in Genoa, Italy on June 1, 1972.


Antonio was kicked out of Politecnico Tesla for cheating in December 1993, but still managed to get a degree in digital data storage and transfer in 2000 at the London School of Applied Technologies as well as a master's degree in computer science at the university of Bologna in 2003. Antonio moved from Milan to Venice in March 2006 and claims to custom design communication systems at his company Sognitrico (Dreamtronics), for which he is the sole employee. However, this is just a cover for being the director of communications in Helena Berg's theft ring.

Antonio delivers Scopa cards to Nico Petit to tell him where to go next, and Nico uses a chess server to talk to a woman named Gina to find out how to steal what he needs. Antonio would also deliver messages to Helena using chocolates.

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