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Barton Swift is a character in The CW's television series Tom Swift portrayed by Christopher B. Duncan. He is the father of Tom Swift whose mysterious disappearance propels Tom into a world of mysteries.




In his adulthood Barton married Lorraine and they got pregnant with their first child, a girl. At six months pregnant, Lorraine began to suffer horrible pain and went into an early labor. Barton was away at a conference while Lorraine gave birth to an stillborn whom was posthumously named Alexandra. It was then that Barton and Lorraine had an idea to create a world of their own, one not tainted by white supremacy, on an entirely different planet. They worked with the Tubman Group, which had a secret society within the larger group, to gather the resources needed to achieve the Mountaintop. A few years later, Lorraine and Barton had a son together Tom and later adopted Lorraine's nephew Lino because of his mother’s inability to take care of him.

Plot summary

Barton prepares for the launch of his spaceship into space where he'll travel to Saturn for a year. He hosts a press conference the day before his departure, where his SVP and son Tom fails to appear. This leads to an argument between the men. Barton is annoyed that Tom changed the propulsion system without telling him. He wants Tom to grow up, be a man, and meet his deadlines while wearing proper clothing. While Barton is away Tom will have more responsibility than he even knows. He doesn't think Tom is ready for them yet. Barton reveals his plans to make Claire Cormier interim CEO instead of Tom, as his son is too "sensitive" for the job. Tom, upset, rebuffs that he found the meteorite that will get Barton to space, but the man is unchanging in his decision. Tom doesn't want to be like Barton or Claire, so his father uninvites him to the launch. Six months later, Tom broadcasts his first communication with Barton since his arrival on Saturn. The ship explodes and seemingly kills Barton, leaving the Swift family to mourn him.

As Tom investigates the explosion, he learns that it wasn't the last-minute changes he made to the system, but rather, an attack from a satellite that caused the ship to explode. He also finds a hidden video message from Barton revealing that he survives the crash and is hiding in a pod. He's sending Tom everything he needs to find him, but it's imperative it remain only in Tom's hands. He begins to tell Tom something else, but the message cuts off and is erased. The capsule containing the message breaks apart upon entry into the atmosphere, spurring Tom, Zenzi Fullerton, and Isaac Vega on a journey to recover the fragments.[1]


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