Bess Marvin (née Turani) is a main character in The CW's 2019 television series Nancy Drew. She is introduced as a rich city girl with a mysterious past. Bess is portrayed by Maddison Jaizani.


Bess is a young woman with dark hair, dark eyes, and fair skin.


Bess is officially described as "a rich girl with a mysterious past."[1] Bess presents this front to the others, but in reality, she was raised in a bad part of England and is a kleptomaniac. She cares a lot about her looks and dresses very nicely, and she hides the fact that she's living out of a van. Bess strongly believes in the existence of the supernatural and is also easily frightened by ghost-related events.


Before the start of the series, Bess recently moved to Horseshoe Bay from East London. She began working at George Fan's diner The Claw along with Nancy Drew and Ace.

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  • In the original series, Bess is the cousin of George.
  • In The Whisper Box, her counterpart is a hippie and influencer. This is the only alteration who is an original book character from the first series that seems to have no connection to the books.


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