Blackrock Island is a small island off the coast of Georgia. It was once the home to The Thornton Family, until they abandoned the island to ruin after a terrible accident cost many of the workers their lives.

Ghost of Thornton Hall

In 2013, Nancy visits the island to search for Jessalyn Thornton, who held her bachelorette party at her family's old, abandoned mansion and subsequently vanished.

Visitors can reach the island by boat, landing at a small dock leading up to the Thornton Hall gates. At the end of the tree-edged path is Thornton Hall itself, now in a state of disrepair.

To the left of the Hall is a smaller house with a small stone fountain in the front. The little building used to be Charlotte Thornton's favorite place to be, but it mysteriously caught fire on her birthday in the 1980's while she was trapped inside, ultimately killing her. At the time of Nancy's stay, it is merely a burned-out shell.

To the right of the Hall is the family cemetery. There are markers dedicated to the memory of the souls who died in the accident as well as a headstone bearing Harper Thornton's name, created when she ran away for so long the family thought she was dead. In addition to the many gravestones, it has a mausoleum and a large statue of a woman that resembles Charlotte.

At the end of the game, if Nancy saves everyone, Harper has the whole of Thornton Hall torn down and replaced with a public park dedicated to those who have lost their lives on the island.


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