Brenda Carlton is a recurring character in The Nancy Drew Files series. Brenda serves as a rival to Nancy, who often either complicates her case, or competes with her to solve the mystery first. Brenda is a reporter for local paper Today's Times, which is owned by her father, Frazier Carlton. Like Nancy, Brenda is well-off, and has enough money for any activity she wants.

Brenda was created specifically for The Nancy Drew Files series, but also appears in Nancy Drew Notebooks series, and the SuperMystery series. At the onset of the Girl Detective series, Brenda was replaced by Deirdre Shannon.



  • Secrets Can Kill
  • Buried Secrets
  • Fatal Attraction
  • Last Dance
  • The Final Scene
  • The Suspect Next Door
  • False Impressions
  • Danger for Hire
  • Into Thin Air
  • High Risk
  • Poison Pen
  • Running Scared
  • Kiss and Tell
  • Under His Spell


  • Dead on Arrival
  • Royal Revenge


  • Bad Day for Ballet
  • The Soccer Shoe Clue
  • The Wedding Gift Goof
  • Whose Pet is Best?
  • The Stolen Unicorn
  • Princess on Parade
  • Alien in the Classroom
  • Lights! Camera! Clues!
  • The Black Velvet Mystery
  • Trash or Treasure?
  • Third Grade Reporter
  • The Make Believe Mystery
  • The Chinese New Year Mystery
  • The Crazy Carnival Case
  • The Old-Fashioned Mystery
  • The Stinky Cheese Surprise
  • Space Case
  • The Bike Race Mystery
  • Zoo Clue