See Also: Samantha Quick Bridget Shaw is a Scottish woman who meets Nancy at the Loch Lomond Hotel.

The Silent Spy

Bridget takes a liking to Nancy instantly in 2013 and wants to know more about her. However, Nancy can't reveal too much, since she's on a dangerous mission to learn more about her mother.

After snooping through Bridget's room, Nancy discovers she's been tracking her and confronts Bridget about it. Bridget says that she is sick of using that accent and walks away. Nancy completes a dead drop Bridget was going to do and gets some spy glasses addressed to Zoe Wolfe. Zoe later comes back outside the hotel and can talk to Nancy some more, threatening to get her sent back to America if she continues to try to get herself killed.

After Nancy bugs Zoe's room and hears her enter a combination to a secret compartment, she goes back and looks in it to find a number of IDs, one of which indicates that she is the elusive Samantha Quick.

Towards the end of the game, Zoe takes the completed Colony formula from Nancy, but they are both gassed in the elevator and end up in the trash compactor. They escape, but the formula is gone. When Nancy recovers it, Revenant, the terrorist group Nancy and Zoe were fighting, had used the formula to create four bombs. Zoe upgrades the spy glasses so that she can communicate with Nancy through them and helps her disarm the bombs. She then helps Alec Fell look for his sister.

Zoe (2)

Bridget's true identity, Zoe Wolfe

Zoe says that she works for an organization whose name only a few people know. When Nancy asks her about the bag and drag operation, she says that they were just people she slipped some cash and that she really does work alone.
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