[[File:Placeholder|right| California sceamin' is the first book in the Malibu madness trilogy.


Nancy and her friends have just arrived in a Suburb of L.A. To stay in a beach house that belongs to George's moms coworker. They run into the Casabian sisters, who turn out to be their neighbors (and stars of "Chilling' with the Casabians"). The next morning, they are shocked to see that the beach is filled with trash. George steps on a broken bottle, and Nancy fears it might be the shot that contained a drug inside. George is rushed to the hospital and as Nancy stays in the waiting room, she sees a man with stroke being pulled into the emergency room. A lady (Inge) refuses to let him go because the "Roland spa" can take care of him. George is returned and the gang goes out for manicures at the Roland spa. They realize their logo is the same as the nail polish bottles that went on the beach. After the manicures, they go to find the Casabians, thinking they put the trash there. But the Casabians only used foxy girl nail polish. So Bess amd Nancy plan to stay at the renewal retreat for a week. Nancy gets a call from George saying that the shot contained a drug that made the person loopy. Nancy then finds out that Roland is responsible for the trash and is actually a criminal named Marty Malone. The two get locked in a sweat lodge and pass out, but are taken to the hospital. Stacy says on the phone she plans to return, and Roland commits suicide by blowing up the boat he was trying to escape on, so the trash gets even more worse on everyone's beach.


  • The Casabians are a parody of the Kardashians.