Tate Donovan as Carson Drew

Carson Drew is Nancy Drew's father. He is a River Heights attorney, and considered one of the best in his trade. He helps Nancy with her detective work, often giving her information and clues to help her solve the mystery. In return, Nancy also helps him with his legal work. Quite often he gets kidnapped by criminals, requiring Nancy to rescue him.

His wife died when Nancy was three (10 in some editions), and has a housekeeper, Hannah Gruen to work for him and to look out for Nancy. Nancy's Aunt Eloise is his sister. Carson Drew gets along well with Nancy throughout the series' earlier volumes though he worries for her well-being, and admires her skills greatly. But in the cinematic releases and later books in the series, he argues with Nancy frequently. He assists Nancy in many of her cases, giving guidance both professionally and as a father. He also makes good use of his professional connections and privileges to help Nancy solve her cases. He is often called away on business, leaving Nancy to do her sleuthing on her own.