Carson Drew is a main character in The CW's 2019 television series Nancy Drew. He is Nancy's father, and their relationship is strained following the death of his wife Katherine. Carson Drew is portrayed by Scott Wolf.


Carson is a man in his early fifties with fair skin, brown hair, and brown eyes.



Carson passed the Maine state bar on March 30, 1999.[1] His wife Kate passed away sometime in 2019. He later began having a relationship with their family friend Karen Hart.

He has an estranged relationship with his daughter Nancy. Mostly they were estranged when Katherine died. They were estranged longer than that when Nancy was 12 or 13 when she solved a missing local girl case and Carson and Katherine punished her for it. They were estranged beyond the point when Nancy started becoming an amateur private detective.

Plot summary

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Carson to Nancy: I was trying to honor your mom's wishes. I thought I was doing the right thing, but maybe I wasn't. Whatever you're can carry it with you, but you can't let it consume you.


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  • According to his business card, his office is located at 118 River Heights Drive, Horseshoe Bay, ME 04854.[2]
  • When Scott Wolf signed on the series he knew from Day 1 that Carson was actually Nancy's adoptive father. [3]


As a lead character, Carson appears in most episodes of the series. He is anticipated to appear in most episodes of season 2.

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  1. According to the certificate shown in 1.01 Pilot.
  2. His business card is on the front of Ned Nickerson's file shown in episode 1.01 Pilot.
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