Chandler Interiors is a gallery of antiques owned by Louis Chandler, located in San Francisco, California. It specializes in the Victorian period. It has clients from all over the world, and if it doesn't have what they are looking for, Louis goes and finds it. Louis says he's visiting Rose Green and Abby Sideris' Victorian mansion for one of Chandler Interiors clients.

The Letter

On the dining room table, there is a letter addressed to Rose:

Dear Rose,

What a pleasure it was to meet you and Abby. As we have discussed, I am extremely interested in examining the collection of old books that came with the house. They will help me considerably with my research of Victorian antiques. In exchange, I will be more than happy to consult you on renovations. Victorian homes pose many difficulties, both structurally and aesthetically - especially for an amateur renovator like yourself. My expertise in this field can save both time and money.

I will come over tomorrow at noon to show you the roof tiles I found for you. I also found a good deal on scaffolding equipment.

Louis Chandler

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