Charleena Purcell is a famous romance novelist. She is a skilled researcher, making her books as historically accurate as possible.


The Secret of Shadow Ranch

Charleena's book Like Wind Through My Heart appears at Mary's Gifts in Arizona. Bet Rawley even has a signed copy of it. Since the book took place around the area that Nancy is in, she calls Charleena to get information that will help her find Dirk Valentine's treasure. Charleena knows a lot about the Humbers, the family that used to own Shadow Ranch in the 1880s.

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

In 2005, Lori Girard invites Charleena onto Jake Hurley's restored train in order to help solve the mystery of what happened to Jake.

Lori happens to be a big fans of hers, and can be seen reading her latest book, The Moon Tells No Lies. Lori and Charleena have an arguement, though, when Lori realizes that Charleena used some of the ideas she had submitted to her in the book without crediting her. At the end of the game, Charleena also gets into an argument with John Grey, that causes the press to abandon Tino's interview.

Fatima, the owner of the taffy shop in Copper Gorge, is also a fan of Charleena. Charleena gives her an autograph while in Copper Gorge.



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