Charlie Murphy is Rose Green's handyman in Message in a Haunted Mansion.


Message in a Haunted Mansion

In 2000, Charlie is working on restoring Rose's new Victorian mansion in San Francisco, despite lack of experience, while studying history at college. He knows about Diego Valdez, and wrote a term paper on him and The Great Christmas Gold Robbery for a class. Despite being his boss, Abby does not like Charlie, and has made it clear the only reason he is still there is because Rose does not wish to fire him. Abby is often quick to point the finger at Charlie anytime something happens in the house. Nonetheless, Charlie does not mind working for her, and wants to prove himself to her and Rose that he can do the work.

Nancy eventually discovers that Charlie is living in a secret area in the basement, having discovered it from an outside passage when it was raining. He is not able to afford a place of his own, due to high rents in San Francisco (a common issue in the city, according to Abby). He had heard Rose and Abby talk about needing a handyman through the two-way mirror in the saloon, and showed up a short while later to get the job.


  • Shortly after production of Message in a Haunted Mansion, Scott Carty was approached to take over the role of Ned Nickerson based on his performance of Charlie.
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