Chief McGinnis is the head of police in River Heights, the town in which Nancy Drew lives. He's not exactly welcoming to her when she shows up to say she has a case, nor does he give her credit for her good deeds due to the fact that Chief McGinnis likes to take credit for himself, but even so, Nancy knows that deep down inside of him, Chief grateful to her for helping him keep the streets of River Heights safe from crime. 

Chief McGinnis makes an appearance in the Her Interactive computer game, Alibi in Ashes, where he has no choice but to arrest Nancy for arson. He does allow her to work on proving her innocence, but warns her not to let him "catch" her. He seems to be a bit of a grizzly bear, but is a good guy at his core.




  • The Triple Hoax
  • The Secret of the Old Lace
  • The Haunted Carousel
  • The Case of the Disappearing Diamond
  • The Secret of Shady Glen
  • A Secret in Time
  • The Nutcracker Ballet Mystery
  • The Suspect in Smoke
  • The Case of the Twin Teddy Bears
  • The Secret of Candelight Inn
  • The Door-to-Door Deception
  • The Wild Cat Crime
  • The Case of the Captured Queen
  • Intrigue at the Grand Opera
  • The Riding Club Crime


  • Buried Secrets
  • The Suspect Next Door
  • Something to Hide
  • False Impressions
  • Into Thin Air
  • Counterfiet Christmas
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