She used to complicate my job.
— McGinnis, about Nancy Drew

Chief E.O. McGinnis is a supporting character in The CW's 2019 television series Nancy Drew. He is police officer who investigates the murder of Tiffany Hudson, and he finds Nancy Drew and her associates to be suspects. He is portrayed by Adam Beach.




McGinnis hated Nancy Drew when she solved the cases that he was assigned to. Mostly he always treated her like a vigilante.

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Plot summary

McGinnis responds to a 911 call made by Tiffany Hudson the night she died.[2] He has an estranged relationship with Nancy Drew. He always hated Nancy solving the mysteries that he was assigned to. He treated her like a vigilante. That what he sees in Nancy Drew as a vigilante.


Mcginnis, about Nancy Drew: "She used to complicate my job."
George Fan: "You mean do it for you."

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