Corky Veinshtein is Inga's 12-year-old brother and Nancy's only friend who has a crush on her in the 2007 film Nancy Drew. He is portrayed by Josh Flitter.


When Nancy and her father Carson move to Los Angeles, Nancy struggles to fit in at her new school, only befriending Corky. When Trish steals Nancy's cupcake during lunch, Corky tries to stand up to his sister and Trish, and tells them to give it back but Inga tells him to shut up and smashes frosting all over his face and walks off with Trish laughing. During the basketball game, Corky pretends to choke on a pretzel and the referee has everyone stop the game and Inga yells out if anyone knows CPR and Nancy replies that she knows how to do CPR. When, Nancy checks for the object in Corky's mouth, he laughs and Inga replies to him that he was supposed to kiss her. Nancy walks out of the gym feeling embarassed as the game continues.

The next day, Corky arrives at Nancy's house to apologize for taking part in a prank the day before and Nancy forgives him. When, Ned Nickerson visits Nancy from River Heights, for her birthday, Corky is rude to Ned on purpose to make him jealous. Inga and Trish notice Nancy and Corky with Ned, Nancy's friend from River Heights and think that Corky is going out on a date. They join and befriend Ned and Nancy takes them to a Chinese store to look for a will. Later, Inga asks Nancy what the deal is with her and Ned and Nancy hears something in her car. She tells the girls that she has to defuse a bomb in her car, and Inga replies "No kidding, love is a battlefield." Nancy then runs in slow motion to throw the bomb down a hole in the street. She succeeds, the bomb explodes, and Nancy is knocked to the ground, unconscious. Ned wakes her up, and Nancy and Corky quickly get into Nancy's car to chase down the suspect ignoring Inga and Trish's questions and drive off.

At Nancy's birthday party, Trish is choking and Inga yells for someone to call 911. When Nancy stabs the pen in Trish's throat, Corky faints and everyone shrieks in horror before the ambulance arrives.

Whenever Nancy tries to explain who Ned is to Corky, she avoids mentioning that he is her boyfriend, so Corky's feelings don't get hurt. Ned is so insecure that he thinks Nancy has a crush on Corky also. But in the end, Nancy expresses her true feelings towards Ned, and Corky and Nancy end up being just friends.


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