Darryl Trent was the late father Joy Trent and former co-owner of Captain's Cove Amusement Park.


Darryl was a very eccentric, child-like man and was constantly building puzzles around the park for his daughter to solve.

Darryl became a widower when his wife died Joy's fourth birthday. Much to his sadness, Joy destroyed every picture of her mother and associated the park with bad memories from then on.

After years of bad investments and piling debts, he had to sell his share of the park to Paula Santos in 2001. However, Paula still let Darryl have free run of the park.

Paula Santos stated Darryl had a heart attack in bankruptcy court and keeled over, resulting in his death in 2003, two months before Nancy's investigation.

In his will, Darryl left Joy Miles the Magnificent Memory Machine , a machine he had created to help Joy reconnect with happier memories of her childhood, mostly those of her late mother. Joy did not have the courage to use Miles until Nancy visited the park two months after Darryl's death. Using Miles, Nancy found the horse that Joy's mother had bought for her and the only surviving picture of her mother.

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