Daryl Gray is a suspect in Secrets Can Kill and Secrets Can Kill Remastered.


The epitome of a lady's man, Daryl is good-looking, tall, and slightly stocky. He keeps himself in good shape, both in regards to his physical condition and his fashion choice, and is known to attract many girls at his high school. In the Remastered edition, Daryl flirts with Nancy. The player has the choice of either declining Daryl's flirting or accepting it. His skin is pale, and his hair is slicked to the side and caramel blond. In the remastered version of the game, his hair appears more tousled and bleach blond, though his eyes are blue in both versions.

During gameplay, Daryl can be seen sporting different outfits. In the original game, he wears a white t-shirt, accented by a brown belt and casual jeans, while in the remastered version, he sports a blue collared shirt (presumably an employee outfit from Maxine's Diner), a brown belt, and jeans.


Secrets Can Kill

Daryl is student council president and found Jake's body, which somehow gave him the ability to be Nancy's contact during her investigation? He is a lot more outgoing and cocky in this version. Nancy eventually finds out that he also has access to drugs from Vandelay Pharmaceuticals, working at the diner, and that a man named Mitch Dillon was paying him for them. Jake tried to blackmail Daryl with this, but Mitch killed him. Daryl and Nancy try to apprehend Mitch that night without calling the police or anything, and Mitch tries to shoot Daryl. However, Connie kicks him in the back and he ends up shooting Daryl's arm. Mitch punches Connie in the back but Nancy corners him with his gun, and Connie gets help. Later, she gives Daryl private judo lessons.

Daryl's father, Eugene, was a senator in this game. In both versions, his business experienced some trouble and the family became less rich, which was probably what prompted his urge to make a lot of money.

Secrets Can Kill Remastered

Alternatively, Daryl is student council president in 2010 and is the one who found Jake Rogers' body. A note at the diner from Connie Watson says that she had to unexpectedly break off a dance with him. Eventually Nancy finds out that since Daryl's father's company, Gray Enterprises, has been declining, Daryl had been selling company information to the school's janitor, Mitch Dillon, who had then been selling it to someone who had wanted to use it, a man who went by the name Beech. Jake Rogers found out about this and tried to blackmail Mitch Dillon with it, but Mitch ended up killing him.

Stay Tuned for Danger

While talking to her boyfriend Ned on the phone, Nancy mentions that Rick Arlen's ego is worse than Daryl Gray's.

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