Dave Gregory is a suspect in The Secret of Shadow Ranch. He seems to have a crush on Nancy, but it is mentioned that he dated Bess during their visit there.

He is distantly related to the daughter of Shadow Ranch's original owner, Frances Humber.


The Secret of Shadow Ranch

Dave meets Nancy in 2004 when she vacations to Shadow Ranch and is at first very shy, but quickly opens up to her. He has been secretly looking for Dirk Valentine's treasure, as his great aunt Ellie was Frances Humber's (the woman whom the treasure was hidden for) cousin, and Dave owned an important ring needed to find it. He wanted the treasure to help his brother who needed money.

The Shattered Medallion

In this game, it is revealed that Bess briefly dated Dave while staying at Shadow Ranch. Bess tells Nancy a story of going to a fair with him, where she spent the entire date with a cow. However, it is unknown if she is referring to Dave Gregory or Dave Evans, her boyfriend from the books.


  • A picture of Dave can be Nancy's phone background in Shadow at the Water's Edge.
  • Despite appearing in only one game, Dave has become a popular rival to Ned by fans. More specifically, his question "You got a steady back home?" has become popular.


  • "You got a steady back home?"
  • "The human heart never does seem to play by the rules."
  • "Guess I'm gonna be blushing every time I see you now."
  • "If you have any questions -any more questions- just ask."
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