Debbie Kircum was a student at Canute College, she was Scott Varnell's student in his class, Theories of Tornadogenesis. By the time Trail of the Twister takes place, she is a recent Ph. D. graduate.

Trail of the Twister

Debbie gets her doctorate in Meteorology from Canute in 2010 and is on Scott Varnell's chase team for her fifth time that spring, competing in the Green Skies competition to win a $100,000,000 grant. She is still deciding what to do now that she has her doctorate and has even gotten an offer to teach at Gorge University in Ithaca, New York.

Nancy discovers that, fearing that Scott's resentment and college and the world for his lack of recognition would be detrimental to the competition, Debbie and Frosty were conspiring to get rid of him by stressing him. Debbie also knew that Frosty was selling footage to another photographer.

When Scott is arrested for causing the sabotage, Debbie takes over the team and even combines it with members of Kingston University's.

Debbie also likes to do work for the Grange Theater, and she loves chocolate.

Frosty Chase and Debbie

Frosty, Chase and Debbie

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