Detective Beech is a suspect in Secrets Can Kill Remastered.

Secrets Can Kill: Remastered

Detective Beech hired Nancy to investigate the death of Jake Rogers in 2010. However, he actually wants Nancy to find his journal full of information about Gray Enterprises he bought from Mitch Dillon who, in turn, bought it from Daryl Gray. When Nancy eventually finds this out, he confronts her with a gun, but Nancy manages to trap him. Just who he is, his real name, and what he wanted to do with the information is unknown.

There is also a TV show called Detective Beech. Connie and Daryl are seen driving by a billboard for it at the end of the original Secrets Can Kill, and Rick Arlen mentions it in Stay Tuned for Danger. Commercials for it can also be seen in Trail of the Twister. In The Phantom of Venice, some of the people that can be heard in the background mention that Tino Balducci is starring in Detective Beech.

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