Dexter Egan is the caretaker of Wickford Castle in Butter Ridge, Wisconsin.

Treasure in the Royal Tower

In 2001, Nancy meets Dexter at Wickford Castle, looking after it while the owner, Christi Lane, is away. While investigating the vandalized library, she eventually discovers that he was the adopted son of the original owner of the castle, Ezra Wickford . After Nancy solves the case, Dexter reveals this and Christi allows him to be co-owner of the castle.

While in his youth, Dexter got in trouble with the law repeatedly - mainly for money issues - and Ezra even disowned him at one point. Nancy finds letters, though, from Ezra about regretting disowning him and wanting him back. He had even hidden a good luck charm for Dexter - one of Marie Antoinette's medallions - in his garden.

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