Elisabet Grimursdottir is a character in Sea of Darkness. She runs the Missti Skip pub in Skipbrot, Iceland.


Sea of Darkness

Nancy meets Elisabet in 2015 when investigating the disappearance of her ex-boyfriend and captain of the Heerlijkheid, Magnus Kiljansson. They were together for four years when he abruptly ended it and proceeded to be very distant, causing her to be very bitter about their breakup.

She allows Gunnar Tonnisson to spend his days in her pub, even allowing him to serve customers provided he doesn't challenge them to fights or call anyone "weak-spined ninny faces". Despite their friendship, she tells him that if he causes any more trouble during the Ancestors' Festival he will no longer be welcome at the Missti Skip. However, during the course of the game, she becomes so irritated with him she kicks him out of the pub anyway.

In the course of her investigation, Nancy discovers that Elisabet is a direct descendant of the town's first magistrate, Alda, and Captain Lawrence, the man who crashed the Heerlijkheid into Skipbrot's docks in the 18th Century.

Elisabet is looking after the ship in Magnus's absence and so can be found huddled on the deck of the ship, guarding a locked broom closet that she refuses to let Nancy explore. Determined to find out what she is hiding in the locked closet, Nancy opens it anyway and is nearly bowled over by Magnus's dog, Tumi, whom Elisabet is watching over, unable to bear the thought of the playful dog cooped up in a kennel somewhere.

When Nancy rescues Magnus, he apologizes to Elisabet for being so distant and repairs their relationship. At the end of the game, it is revealed that they have gone to sail the world together. She leaves the Missti Skip in the care of Gunnar Tonnisson, who is very happy to run the little pub.


  • "She is a beautiful ship, truly. But her history is stained with blood."
  • "The winters are long and dark. [Magnus and I] found each other in that darkness."
  • "Family. People. That's what matters. The rest is useless noise."


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