Ellie York is a research assistant at Technology of Tomorrow Today in Colorado Springs.


The Deadly Device

Nancy meets Ellie in 2012 when she is investigating Niko Jovic's murder. Ellie says that she has been working at the lab for two years, or maybe a bit less, but she doesn't know. She hates her coworker, Mason Quinto, so much that she switched to the night shift to avoid him. Ellie says that he's not human and is more like a computer than a person.

With Deirdre's help and the case file, Nancy finds that Ellie was the one who made the 911 call, but she made it 30 minutes after she found the body. She delayed the call to hide Niko's work. Ellie had ended up leaving town the day after the murder.

Towards the middle of the game, Ellie is locked in the control room of the lab while Victor plants the card that accessed the lab on the night of the murder in her and Mason's work area.

Nancy eventually uncovers information in Ellie's texts to Mason that indicates that they are working together to sell Niko's research. She confronts Ellie about this and she explains that she has a lot of debt from school, and her Gram even had to put up the farm for them, which is why she's stuck there since she needs to make a lot of money. At the end of the game, Ellie agrees to stay on until Niko's work is completed.

Ellie is very close to her cousin Rachel.


  • "Look around. Life isn't just life anymore. It's plugged in. All the time. People live in this weird dream world of their own creation."
  • "I wouldn't call Colorado 'home'."
  • "In plain terms, I'm a research scientist."
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