Eloise Drew is a character who appears occasionally in the popular Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series. She is Nancy's paternal aunt, the only sibling of Carson Drew, who lives in New York City.

Eloise is a spinster who lives in New York City, working as a teacher at a private school. She has many friends who are often in need detectives, and references Nancy whenever she can (attaining the permission of Carson first). Eloise often hosts Nancy and her friends in her apartment, even helping sleuth herself on occasion.

Eloise loves her brother and niece dearly, and following the death of Mrs. Drew, considered moving to River Heights to help raise Nancy. However, as her employers needed her, and Carson met/hired Hannah Gruen to take over the household duties, Eloise remained in New York.




  • The Triple Hoax
  • The Secret of the Old Lace
  • The Twin Dilemma
  • The Bluebeard Room
  • The Sign of the Falcon
  • The Riddle of the Ruby Gazelle (mentioned)
  • Mystery at Moorsea Manor (mentioned)
  • The Clue on the Crystal Dove
  • Mystery of the Mother Wolf (mentioned)


  • Deadly Intent
  • Stay Tuned for Danger
  • A Date with Deception
  • Portrait in Crime
  • Deep Secrets
  • Into Thin Air (mentioned)
  • Danger on Parade
  • Island of Secrets (mentioned)
  • Anything for Love (mentioned)


  • Troubles Takes the Cake