Eloise Drew is Nancy Drew's aunt and the sister of Carson Drew. She lives in Paseo del Mar, Florida and is the librarian at Paseo del Mar High School.


When a student is killed in Secrets Can Kill while Nancy is visiting, she tries to get Nancy on the case and catches the attention of either Principal Parton (Secrets Can Kill) or Detective Beech (remastered).


  • Eloise is an artist, and many of her paintings are visible around her house. Closeups of them can be seen in the original game. She went to Paseo del Mar University and was a member of the Sigma Phi Kappa Delta sorority.
  • She seems to be friends with Mattie Jensen, as Mattie is renting Eloise's apartment in New York.
  • Eloise has a piano.
  • Hannah Gruen was a guest of hers when Nancy was arrested in Alibi in Ashes.
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