False Impressions is the forty-three book in The Nancy Drew Files series. It was first published in January 1990 by Pocket Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.


An imposter has been using Nancy's name to con wealthy townspeople out of thousands of dollars. Now the teen sleuth must clear her own name and uncover the true identity of an unscrupulous extortionist and her mysterious partner.

Plot Summary

NancyBessGeorgeNed, and Hannah decide to watch movies that Ned brought, they watch Dreamboat. (A movie with Lucinda Prado) Later, Chief McGinnis comes to tell Nancy that someone called "Nancy Drew" is been accused of extortion in Mapleton. Lieutentant Kowalski of Mapleton PD takes Nancy to Mapleton Police Department to prove if she is guilty.

The victims Donald Eklund and Elizabeth Hackney enter the auditorium to say if Nancy is the one. Donald leaves and Miss Hackney accuses Nancy of extortion. The Lieutentant lets Nancy go, she met George, Bess, and Ned at the front of the station. When Nancy got home Hannah welcomed her and gave her dinner. Nancy slept for about 3 hours. When she woke Nancy heard a branch crack outside, she went to see what happened and discovered it was a photographer and a woman. The man took Nancy a snapshot with her trying to cover her face. Nancy noticed the woman was Brenda Carlton, journalist/author of Today's Times! Nancy questioned Brenda and figured out Miss Hackney's car was sabotaged a week earlier, and some "Nancy Drew" met Hackney and Eklund at the Mapleton Country Club discussing buisnuss, later cleaning empty their bank accounts out thousands of dollars.

When Brenda left, Carson Drew arrived from working with the DA in Chicago dealing in court against the Crain brothers. Carson and Nancy had breakfast, then Carson mentioned two of the Crain brothers : Albert, and Dammon getting jailed for bilking small Chicago businesses, but the third brother Joe Crain threatened Carson about revenge. Nancy suspected Joe could be involved in the con game. Nancy picked up George and met with Ned, and Bess at the restaurant The Happy Pancake for breakfast, later they went to Donald's jewelery store Eklund's to see if they could interrogat Donald Eklund. Donald was receiving a delivery, the delivery man pointed a gun at the gang. Nancy explained everything, then Mr. Eklund let them go easy.




  • Mapleton Police Department

Businesses and organizations

  • Mapleton Police Department


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