Franklin Rose is a friend of Nancy's dad, Carson Drew. He works at Boswell, Jackson, & Rose, but is also on the board of directors for Beech Hill Museum.


Secret of the Scarlet Hand

Franklin convinces his fellow members of the Board of Directors to let Nancy intern at Beech Hill, while Carson Drew is in Africa. When Joanna is questioned for the robbery, he and other board members suspend her and place Nancy in charge temporarily. When the Pacal carving is found, he reinstates Joanna. The board later allows Joanna to oversee the museum again, so long as she reforms her business tactics.

Throughout the game, Nancy can call Franklin for advice on how to be a curator, and update him on the investigation. He also gives her various helpful information.

Tomb of the Lost Queen

Franklin has written a letter of recommendation to Jon Boyle about how Nancy helped out in Secret of the Scarlet Hand.


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