Tobias "Frosty" Harlow is a nature photographer.


Frosty is a second year graduate student in digital media. He got the nickname "Frosty" when he took photos of fist-sized hail in the core of a super-cell.

Trail of the Twister

Frosty is on Canute College's Green Skies team in 2010 in order to win them a $100,000,000 grant. He had joined the team the previous year when the photographer quite halfway through. During a chase, the video camera he is using malfunctions, and he has Nancy perform the renogram on it in order to fix it, but still claims that it was broken.

Nancy later sees the footage of the tornado she saw on TV, although it says it was captured by Erin Aldriege, the photographer for Kingston University's chase team. She confronts Frosty about this and he explains that he sold the footage to a photographer he knows who is trying to make it in the business.


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