George Fan is a main character in The CW's 2019 television series Nancy Drew. She is portrayed by Leah Lewis.


George is a young woman in her late teens with long black hair that she usually styles in twin braids and dark brown eyes. She is of Asian descent.


George is officially described as "Nancy's nemesis from high school."[2] George is a hard worker and goal-oriented when it relates to her job at The Claw; this stems from her role of breadwinner to her family, having to care for her sisters and alcoholic mother. Despite having a 'tough-as-nails' demeanor, George can be vulnerable when personal issues arise in her life, such as her affair with an older, married man and shame for her mother's behavior. She is also fiercely protective, becoming quite hysterical and infuriated when she realized that her sister Ted, had been kidnapped.


George is the eldest daughter of Horseshoe Bay's resident clairvoyant, Victoria Fan. George is the sister of Jessie, Ted, and Charlie. Her superstitious mother used to sprinkle salt around her high-chair, presumably to ward off evil spirits. She attended high school with Nancy Drew, though they found themselves on opposite ends of the social network. Nancy's friends used to gossip about George and create rumors about her romantic life, while Nancy did nothing to stop their actions. A deep resentment seeded on George's part. In her junior year of high school, George met the married millionaire playboy Ryan Hudson. The pair developed a secret affair that they kept from everyone, including Ryan's wife Tiffany. Their relationship was on and off again with them eventually taking a break due to George being in high school. She went on to both manage and wait tables at The Claw, where she became known for her tough-as-nails attitude and dedication to her work.

Plot summary

George is a waitress at The Claw restaurant, working with Nancy Drew, Bess Marvin, Ace, and Ned Nickerson.



Victoria Fan

Due to Victoria's drunkenness, George does not appear to deem her as dependable. When noticing that she evaded Bess's care when sobering up for a séance, George (resignedly) states that having faith in her was her first mistake. In turn, Victoria seems to show disappointment in her daughter, especially upon discovering her affair with Ryan Hudson. However, this did not stop Victoria from performing an exorcism to remove the spirit of Tiffany Hudson from George's body to save her soul, showing that she does care about her.

Ted Fan

Ted is George's younger half-sister. When George had to keep Ted with her during a work shift, she sectioned her off to the manager's office. When she and the rest of the Drew Crew conducted a seance to communicate with Dead Lucy, she used one of Ted's toys, which would glow green for 'yes' and red for 'no'. However, this opened up a gateway for other lurking spirits, and one called Simon, would use Moira Baker to kidnap Ted and use her as a sacrifice. George went ballistic over losing her sister and desperately searched for ways to find her. She was overjoyed and relieved went she reunited with Ted, who was unharmed.


Bess Marvin

Bess and George at the Claw.

Bess is one of the employees at The Claw diner. George was often annoyed at her screw-ups on the job, such as dropping dishes of food and beverages and offering patrons two forks each instead of one. They also clashed on the existence of the supernatural, for which George was against and Bess was a believer. However, the two have come to each other's aid when necessary, such as George's exorcism and Bess's attack, both at the hands of the late-Tiffany Hudson. While they look out for one another, George disapproves of any possible infidelities that Bess might have incidentally encouraged with Amaya Alston while already in a relationship with Lisbeth.

Ned Nickerson

George and Nick at the Claw.

Nick and George are co-owners of The Claw diner. Nick offered to buy out the previous owner so that George would not lose both her place of work and her livelihood. for one another. They later get into a relationship with each other after George confronts her previous relationship demons


  • Chief McGinnis: (about Nancy Drew) "She used to complicate my job."
    George: "You mean do it for you."
  • George: No, Ryan. You are not the victim here. You made it so that I believed everything you said. So I could never trust anyone else. You made me think that I didn't deserve any better. You made me think that I didn't want any better. You made me okay with being a dirty little secret because I was a 17-year-old girl from a poor family swept off her feet by some rich, older, married man. Because of you, I don't know how to be in a real relationship. It's all warped in my head because I thought that the way we were was the way things are supposed to be. I can't even hold a guy's hand in public because you taught me the wrong rules. (The Clue in the Captain's Painting)


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  • The character is adapted from the book character George Fayne. George and Nancy were close friends in the original.
  • In the original books, George and Bess are cousins.
  • In The Whisper Box, her counterpart seems to act more like her book version as she is a lot kinder towards Nancy and is openly willing to hug her.


George appears in every episode of season 1. As a lead character, she is anticipated to appear in most episodes of season 2.

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