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George Li-Yun Fan[1] is a main character in The CW's 2019 television series Nancy Drew. She is portrayed by Leah Lewis.


George is a young woman in her late teens with long black hair that she usually styles in twin braids and dark brown eyes. She is of Asian descent.


George is officially described as "Nancy's nemesis from high school."[2] George is a hard worker and goal-oriented when it relates to her job at The Claw; this stems from her role of breadwinner to her family, having to care for her sisters and alcoholic mother. Despite having a 'tough-as-nails' demeanor, George can be vulnerable when personal issues arise in her life, such as her affair with an older, married man and shame for her mother's behavior. She is also fiercely protective, becoming quite hysterical and infuriated when she realized that her sister Ted, had been kidnapped.


George is the eldest daughter of Horseshoe Bay's resident clairvoyant, Victoria Fan. George is the sister of Jessie, Ted, and Charlie. Her superstitious mother used to sprinkle salt around her high-chair, presumably to ward off evil spirits. She attended high school with Nancy Drew, though they found themselves on opposite ends of the social network. Nancy's friends used to gossip about George and create rumors about her romantic life, while Nancy did nothing to stop their actions. A deep resentment seeded on George's part. In her junior year of high school, George met the married millionaire playboy Ryan Hudson. The pair developed a secret affair that they kept from everyone, including Ryan's wife Tiffany. Their relationship was on and off again with them eventually taking a break due to George being in high school. She went on to both manage and wait tables at The Claw, where she became known for her tough-as-nails attitude and dedication to her work.

Plot summary

George is a high school graduate managing The Claw, a popular restaurant in Horseshoe Bay, Maine. She works alongside her high school frenemy Nancy Drew, new girl Bess Marvin, townee Ace, and occasionally Ned "Nick" Nickerson. As one of the only steady providers in her household, George's responsible nature makes her abrasive and strong-willed. Her relatively normal life changes forever while working late at The Claw one night. George and her co-workers discover the murdered body of rich socialite Tiffany Hudson in the parking lot. The group become suspects in the investigation, and are forced to work together to solve Tiffany's murder to exonerate themselves. Working with Beth and Nancy, the trio hire a medium to contact the ghost of Lucy Sable, as Nancy believes Lucy's murder and Tiffany's are connected. George is less-inclined to get involved any further, as she would rather let the police solve the case. Nancy catches George having an affair with Ryan Hudson, Tiffany's husband, a relationship that started when George was in high school. George does end up saving Nancy from being arrested while in possession of Tiffany's blood from the morgue, as she takes the paraphernalia from Nancy to hide until her release.

A tradition in Horseshoe Bay is to fill a bucket with water and if the water remains the next morning, the resident is safe, but if it turns to blood it is a sign that death will come by the end of the year. While she doesn't believe in the superstition, George takes part in the tradition and ends up kicking over a blood bucket. The bucket is followed by a string of strange attacks preceding the arrival of Rita, a woman who warns George of impending danger. George, Bess, and Ace later learn that Rita died decades ago. On the day of Tiffany's funeral, Bess is attacked by Tiffany's spirit, prompting George to enlist the help of her mother, Victoria Fan, who is a clairvoyant. George holds resentment towards her mother for her absentee behavior, alcoholism, and failing to be there for George and her sisters. Victoria instructs them to perform a ritual that will guide Tiffany's spirit into her body, a ritual that George botches due to distraction from Ryan Hudson. The botched ritual triggers a confused Tiffany to possess George's body.

Under the influence of Tiffany's spirit, George's behavior becomes increasingly unpredictable. Victoria warns the group that unless a ritual of exorcism is performed, Tiffany will eventually consume George's life force, erasing her forever. She isn't aware of Tiffany's presence, nor does she remember her actions as Tiffany, which confused Ryan who isn't aware of the supernatural world. Her public flirtation causes him to angrily end their relationship, shortly before Nancy, the Drew Crew, and Victoria, successfully exorcise Tiffany. As she recovers from her traumatic event, George enlists Bess's help on a mission with Nick to infiltrate a high-society club; the two had earlier deduced that a bag of coins were linked to the sinking of a cargo ship that killed Owen Marvin's uncle. The trio plan to steal them to expose the Hudson's for sinking the ship and murdering innocent people for money. The Drew Crew and Nancy end up in possession of the coins, though Victoria warns them to get rid of the coins as they are acting as a beacon for all spirits. Instead, they use the coins in a séance to commune with Tiffany. The séance destroys the coins and unleashes a powerful malevolent spirit, who latches onto George's youngest sister Ted Fan.

When Ace is in a car accident and his spirit lost in the spirit world, Nancy and the Drew Crew work with Chief McGinnis to help guide Ace's spirit back to his body. George is randomly selected to enter the spirit world, gaining an inside look into Ace's childhood. She finds him in the form of a young boy and is eventually able to help the boy back to his body, though Ace's physical being remains comatose for now. George's discoveries in the spirit world help Nancy uncover a dirty cop in the Horseshoe PD who is responsible for Ace's accident. George returns to The Claw to find George missing, having been abducted by a dangerous spirit named Simon, who is influencing a new deranged woman, Moira. George and Nick work together to decipher a code left by the sprits former influence, the kidnapper Nathan Bomber. George finds the location of Moira's antique store with Nick while Nancy finds the shrine Gomber built for Simon and burns it. George apprehends Moira and shows a fierceness in protecting her sister, who Nick discovers healthy in the back of the store.

As things even out in the spiritual world, George is presented with a for-sale notice by The Claw's owner, Dawn. Unless George can come up with a large sum of money by the end of the week, she will be out of a job. George admits to her friends that The Claw is her home-away-from-home and a large source of income for her family, who have long-standing connections to the restaurant. Nick surprises George by using the bonds left to him by Tiffany Hudson to purchase The Claw. He names her as co-owner as he wants to run the business with her, as a way to put down roots in Horseshoe Bay. Nancy recruits Nick and George for help on breaking into an asylum that is home to Patrice Dodd, Lucy Sable's mother. They use their combined talents to avoid security guards and employees, but are confronted with a strange infestation of mold and dark energy that was released in the asylum after their séance a few weeks back. The trio are separated and a fire breaks out in the asylum, though George and Nick are able to escape alone. Nancy, however, stayed behind which results in her being put in a Whisper Box where an alternate reality takes place.

Alternate reality George is vastly different than the real George, being carefree and best friends with Nancy. In the real world, George works alongside Nick, Bess, and Ace to free Nancy from the reality. When Nancy is freed, Bess confides in George about her precarious love life and the pressures from her Grandmother to date Amaya and not Lisbeth. George recommends breaking off the relationship with Amaya before it messes things up with Lisbeth, who Bess cares for deeply. Determined that the events of the night of Tiffany's murder will help solve both cases, Nancy brings the Drew Crew, Tiffany's sister Laura Tandy, Karen Hart, and Ryan Hudson, to The Claw. They reenact the night of the murder which leads them to a breakthrough: the poisoned salad was meant for Ryan and not Tiffany, as revenge for Lucy's murder. Lucy's spirit appears to Ryan who flees, with George being surprised that Ryan could have murdered Lucy Sable. Nancy learns that Josh Dodd, Lucy's brother, poisoned the salad to get revenge for his sisters murder, as he blamed Ryan for the crime. Tiffany's death was accidental.

They still need physical evidence to free Carson, who has been arrested for Lucy's murder, leading Owen, George, and Bess to the Historical Society. They conduct research on the Aglaeca, a spirit that supposedly grants the heart's desire of whoever summons it, but for a price. Nancy, George, Ace, Bess, Nick, and Owen perform the summoning ritual, and the Aglaeca grants Nancy's wish by delivering her Lucy's bones. In return, it attempts to claim Owen's life, forcing George to break the summoning wreath. Nick, who has nowhere to live now that the mechanic garage is closed, plans to sleep at The Claw until George offers to let him stay at her house. Things escalate when Detective Abe Tamura takes over the Lucy Sable murder investigation, as he searches The Claw for evidence. George and Nick hurry to hide Lucy's skeletal remains, an event that causes friction between them as they struggle to work together. The friction between them is evident to Bess, who suspects they have feelings for one another despite Nick's previous relationship with Nancy. Though she denies it at first, George and Nick do end up kissing and starting a relationship that she wants to keep private.

In the meantime, George and the rest of the Drew Crew are haunted by terrible visions, courtesy of the Aglaeca who is angered by their refusal of her toll. George asks her mother for help, though Victoria recommends performing a ritual to unbind the Aglaeca from the summoners. They need a biological relative of Nancy's, but Nancy and Carson are on poor terms due to his lies, so George and Nick takes it upon themselves to enlist his help. They are left surprised when Nancy arrives with Ryan, angrily excusing Carson and revealing that her biological parents are Ryan Hudson and Lucy Sable. George is horrified to learn that she slept with Nancy's biological father, a fact Bess points out. The ritual ends up failing and their visions intensify moments before Owen Marvin is found by George, Nancy, and the Drew Crew, having been murdered in a bathtub.

As Nancy and Ace investigate Owen's murder, George and Nick grow closer. When she continuously rejects Nick's advances in public, he confronts her about the incidents leading her to realize that her examples of love weren't normal. She realizes that her affair with Ryan Hudson caused her damage, confronting him about taking advantage of her and twisting what her idea of love is; something to be ashamed of instead of proud. She finally allows herself to be vulnerable and intimate with Nick, moments before they are flooded with a vision of their deaths by the Aglaeca. The vision shows George and Nick sitting in his truck drowning as they are unable to escape the car.[3]

The group learns that their visions are portents from the Aglaeca, detailing how she plans to kill them. George and Nick get rid of his truck but are horrified when it reappears. They try to navigate Horseshoe Bay without his truck, just as Nick’s mother Millie arrives in town to check on her son. George struggles to befriend the woman especially when they have an unfortunate first encounter. With time, George wins Millie over after showing genuine concern for Nick when a former Aglaeca victim latches onto him. They get rid of the spirit but learn that the spirit and the other Aglaeca victims died within seven days of making their deals. With only three days left, George tries to spend every moment with Nick as she doesn’t want to miss anything as a couple. She later attempts to teach her younger sister Jesse how to run The Claw in the case of her demise, as their time frame for defeating the Aglaeca is inching closer. After some fighting, George and Jesse have a heart-to-heart where she admits how proud she is of her younger sister and just wants the best for her. Jesse worries that George is going to die since she kicked over a blood bucket.

With only a day left to stop the Aglaeca, and all their plans have failed, the group begins to turn on one another. George accuses Nancy of being the reason they are in this predicament, though Nancy later figures out a way to defeat the Aglaeca - by using her portents against her. Everyone goes to the places where their portents take place, and the group admits to one another their regrets just in case, though George doesn’t have any regrets. Nick and George are the first to be attacked and are trapped inside Nick’s truck. They use the sand portent which allows them to escape the truck before being drowned. That night, Nancy and the Drew Crew believe they have won until they experience a new death vision of them all on the floor of The Claw having died, as they didn’t kill the Aglaeca only angered her. Nancy convinces the group to try reading Odette’s letters to her English lover, as they may be able to restore Odette to a human spirit. The plan works in transforming Odette back into a human, though the blast she releases upon her transformation throws everyone backward. George is impaled with a harpoon and dies in Nick’s arms, surrounded by her friends. With her final words, George finally returns Nick’s sentiment of “I love you”. Nancy, unable to accept her friend’s death, breaks into the Historical Society and steals an ancient shroud that brings people back to life. She uses the shroud on George and successfully resurrects her.

In the weeks after her resurrection, George experiences blackouts where large pieces of time are missing and absent-mindedly sings or speaks in French. As they try to solve a new case, Nick attempts to talk to George about her odd behavior but she shuts him out. Ace sympathizes with her due to the near-death experience that she saved him from. She admits that she loses time and doesn’t know where she goes during those lapses. When her sisters are kidnapped by the lamia involved in their case, she agrees to tell Jesse the truth about what happened. While cleaning up The Claw, George is visited by Odette Lamar who reveals that she is inside George.

Now aware that she is being possessed by Odette Lamar, George attempts exorcisms to no avail. She refuses to tell Nick about her situation out of fear of scaring him more, as he already suffers from nightmares. She is forced to tell Nancy and Bess about her predicament when she is caught on camera with a missing girl. George admits that this is different from her possession from Tiffany Hudson. Nancy calls Odette forth by threatening to burn her love letter to her English lover. After locating the missing girl, who had been taken to a bus station by Odette, Odette tells Bess the only way to get rid of her is to kill George.

Nancy and George investigate the shroud used to resurrect her and learn that the former owner died when George came back to life, so George will die if someone else uses the shroud. Nancy and George are kidnapped by Bess’s estranged fake-husband, which forces Odette forward. When Nick and Ace save the girls, George is forced to tell Nick that she is possessed by Odette. Nancy also warns George that the former owner was haunted by the ghosts trapped inside him after his resurrection, and his inability to co-exist with his spirits drove him insane.

When the shroud is taken by Gil Bobbsey, George, Nancy, and the Drew Crew spring into action to find it. George also struggles to find a balance with Odette who is making her presence known. George tells Nick that, for better or worse, she and Odette are a package deal though he has a choice on whether or not he wants to be involved. After retrieving the shroud, Odette overhears a conversation between Nick and Bess regarding her confinement and flees to the bluffs where she plans to take both her and George’s lives. Nick pleads with Odette to free George, promising that everyone will find a way to co-exist. He presses about how much he loves George and that he will follow Odette over the bluff if she kills George. Odette eventually relinquishes control of George, thus, agreeing to try and co-exist.

Things spiral for the pair as they both fail to respect one another’s boundaries, especially when George learns of Odette’s affair with Bess. While the affair only contained intimate letters back and forth, George forbade the relationship from going further, thus, prompting Odette to rebel. She threw away all of George’s hoodies, bought a parakeet for Charlie, and reorganized The Claw. George retaliated by hiding Odette’s letter from her English lover Mary, which prompted the two to once again have a conversation about boundaries and respect. George recognized that she hadn’t given Odette enough respect or freedom, with Odette admitted to overstepping boundaries. George offered to help her find Mary, her English lover, in the spiritual plane and also allowed a friendship between Odette and Bess.

As she balances the life of herself and Odette, she also supports Nick in his endeavor to open a community youth center in his apartment building. After a moving conversation, both Nick and George realize that their family’s reaction to their interracial relationship was keeping them from posting their relationship online or taking the next step. George decides to make things public after getting inspiration from visiting billionaire Tom Swift. To fulfill her promise to Odette, Bess summons her ancestor Aunt Mei for help, and the encounter forces her to face some issues from her youth. Mei admits that her constant pushing and refusal to accept anything less than the best from George stems from her desire for George to be better. She tells George that Mary found peace without Odette, but also warns that George’s lifeline is merging with Odette’s. If she doesn’t find a way to sever the connection with Odette, then George will die much faster than she was supposed to. To prepare for her inevitability, she seeks help from Hannah while investigating a parasite attached to Nancy. Hannah confirms that George should only have a decade left.

George decides to stop fighting her death or dwelling on the things she’ll miss, so she writes a will that will leave her share of The Claw to Jesse. Bess tries to talk her into fighting, but George just wants to live her life to the fullest. Upon expelling a supernatural parasitic Wraith from Nancy’s body, George thanks Odette for her help during the day. Odette worries that she is turning into a helicopter ghost, and thinks it’s time to lock herself away inside George to allow her to not waste any time. George thanks her but has her deliver a message to Bess, which allows the women to finally kiss before Odette locks herself away. With Odette gone, George returns to her apartment with Nick where she tells him about her desire to live every moment to its fullest. He asks what she wants to do first, so she states that she wants to get married. She proceeds to propose.[4]


  • Chief McGinnis: (about Nancy Drew) "She used to complicate my job."
    George: "You mean do it for you."
  • George: No, Ryan. You are not the victim here. You made it so that I believed everything you said. So I could never trust anyone else. You made me think that I didn't deserve any better. You made me think that I didn't want any better. You made me okay with being a dirty little secret because I was a 17-year-old girl from a poor family swept off her feet by some rich, older, married man. Because of you, I don't know how to be in a real relationship. It's all warped in my head because I thought that the way we were was the way things are supposed to be. I can't even hold a guy's hand in public because you taught me the wrong rules. (The Clue in the Captain's Painting)

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  • The character is adapted from the book character George Fayne. George and Nancy were close friends in the original.
  • In the original books, George and Bess are cousins.
  • In The Whisper Box, her counterpart seems to act more like her book version as she is a lot kinder towards Nancy and is openly willing to hug her.
  • George has been possessed more than any other member of the Drew Crew. She was possessed by Tiffany Hudson and shares a body with French spirit Odette Lamar.


George appears in every episode of season 1 and 2. As a lead character, she is anticipated to appear in most episodes of season 3.

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