Gilbert Buford was Dr. Bruno Bolet's physician and closest friend.


Legend of the Crystal Skull

After Nancy learns who pronounced Bruno dead and where he might be, she has Bess go talk to him in about Bruno's death in 2007. He can be found outside sitting at a little table near Granny Pucket's and Zeke's curio shop. He flatters Bess often, making her giggle.

Dr. Gilbert Buford is secretly the head of the Jolly Roger Krewe and one of the only friends of the late Dr. Bruno Bolet. He arrived at Dr. Bolet's house just as the man was having a heart attack, making him one of the prime suspects in the game.

After Bess infiltrates a meeting of the Jolly Rodger Krewe to figure out the name that opens the meeting for Nancy, she finds out that Gilbert is the leader. He tells her that he was visiting Bruno on the day he died and happened to walk in just as he had his heart attack. With his dying breath, Bruno asked him to hide the first clue to finding his crystal skull (a painting of Henry Bolet's parents) in the Bolet family crypt, so that Henry would find the treasure first. However, soon after hiding the portrait, Gilbert changed his mind and decided he wanted it for himself. Dressed in his Jolly Roger Krewe skeleton costume, he snuck into the Bolet home to try and find it. Unfortunately for him, Nancy showed up the same night, finding him near the miniature model of the cemetery. He panicked and threw a smoke bomb at her, knocking her out.

He came to Dr. Bolet's house at least once before wearing this costume. He was seen the other time by Renee Amande, Bruno's housekeeper, who thought he was "Mr. Death".

At the end of the game, he apologizes to Nancy and decides to give her and Bess a tour of New Orleans.


  • "I'm sure someone as charming and attractive as [Bess] has her share of secrets..."
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