Harlan Bishop is a security guard at Captain's Cove Amusement Park in New Jersey. He used to be in jail for check forgery. Harlan is voiced by Jonah von Spreecken.

The Haunted Carousel

In 2003, Harlan is the only security guard who stays on at Captain's Cove during a shutdown after the roller coaster stopped and the lead horse of the carousel was stolen. He even agreed to a pay cut.

Harlan spied on Ingrid entering the code to her work area, as he wanted to make sure he had access to every place in the park in order to be the best security guard he could be.

After helping recover the lead horse, Harlan is offered three jobs but stays at Captain's Cove.


  • "The whale is getting impatient."
  • "Sorry. I don't feel like talking right now my back's kind of sore. Probably because someone just got done stabbing me there."
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