Hector Sanchez is a student of the class of 2011 at Paseo del Mar High School.

Secrets Can Kill: Remastered

In 2010, Hulk is hanging out after school one day in the gym. There is supposedly football practice, according to him. He seems to only be interested in football. Nancy eventually finds out that because of an injury he had while playing, he stole some steroids from a drug depot and that Jake Rogers was blackmailing for it, making him deliver messages.

Secrets Can Kill


Hulk in the original Secrets Can Kill.

Hulk's 1998 persona has the same story. He stole the drugs from Vandelay Pharmaceuticals.


  • Hector's shirt in the original Secrets Can Kill has the numbers '00' on it, but in the remastered edition the numbers have been changed to '80' to celebrate Nancy Drew's 80th Anniversary.
  • Even though the poster next to Hector in the environment in the remastered version has been changed, it is the same as in the original version when talking to him. The scene seems to have been remodeled based on the original scene.
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