Helena Berg is a journalist and guest of the Ca' Nascosta.


Helena Berg was very well traveled and lived in England, France, and Germany. As a journalist for Eurowelt magazine, Helena specialized in reporting high-profile crime, including the trial of Leo Machiano, the leader of a crime syndicate. Helena took inspiration from Leo Machiano and decided to form her own crime syndicate to steal works of Venetian art.

She recruited Antonio Fango to research and choose the locations of the thefts, Nico Petit to perform the actual stealing, Gina to research the security systems Nico would need to bypass, and Enrico Tazza to hide the works of art before he shipped them to Hildegard Killian, the Chicago heiress who bought the stolen art.

Helena, as the mastermind behind it all, was the only one who knew every member of her team and kept a low profile as a guest of the Ca' Nascosta. If her team needed to send a message to her, they would do so by sending a coded box of Sorpresa Chocolates addressed to Il Dottore.

The Phantom of Venice

When Prudence Rutherford, the previous owner of the Ca', makes Margherita Fauberg allow Nancy to stay there as a guest, Helena is her roommate.


  • Helena was thinking of dressing up as a cat for Carnival.
  • Helena keeps a framed photo of herself on her dresser.
  • A Berg stayed in room #11 of the Ryokan Hiei.
  • Helena claims she can sleep through almost anything.
  • Helena's parents live in Hamburg, Germany.


  • "You don't want to know where the cheapest cafes are? Are you sure you're American?"
  • "A caped figure, darting down walkways beside moonlit canals, melting mist-like into the shadows, escaping not with stolen money, but stolen art-- it's all just so wonderfully... Venetian."
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