This page is for the book in the Nancy Drew Girl Detective series. For the book in The Nancy Drew Files series, see High Risk (Files).

High Risk is the fourth book in the Nancy Drew: Girl Detective series. It was first published March 1, 2004 by Aladdin, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. In it, Nancy tries to locate a missing zoning law, and stumbles upon a smuggling ring.


Official synopsis from the back cover:

It looks like Evaline Waters, a River Heights resident, is knee-deep in trouble. A huge corporation is suing her for her land; they want to tear down her house and put up a warehouse. And documentation of the zoning law that would protect Evaline's right to keep her land is missing. Figures!
I've got to find that document, but it's hard to focus on the land when I'm cruising at ten thousand feet. See, Ned and I are taking flying lessons, him with Colonel Lang, a friend of his family, and me with Frank Beltrano, an instructor at our local airport. It's a good thing I'm good at juggling more than two balls at once. Too bad I'm not the only one.

Plot summary

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Chapter 1: An Interesting Acquaintance

Chapter 2: Intriguing Errands

Chapter 3: The First Lesson

Chapter 4: Legal Hope?

Chapter 5: Who Stole the Law?

Chapter 6: Another Break-In

Chapter 7: At the Controls

Chapter 8: Bess and George’s Stakeout

Chapter 9: Flying High

Chapter 10: A Revealing Conversation

Chapter 11: A Lesson in Disaster

Chapter 12: A Dangerous Landing

Chapter 13: An Informative Conversation

Chapter 14: Finding the Culprit



Characters appearing in this book include:


  • River Heights
    • Airport

Businesses and organizations

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Format Publisher Released ISBN Length
Paperback Aladdin (Simon & Schuster) Mar 1, 2004 978-0-689-86569-5 160 pages
Library Binding Turtleback Books Mar 1, 2004 978-0-61395313-9 [1]
Library Binding Fitzgerald Books Jan 1, 2007 978-1-59054811-0 146 pages[2]
Library Binding Paw Prints (Baker & Taylor) c. 2008 978-1-4395-2924-9 160 pages[3][4]
eBook Aladdin (Simon & Schuster) Oct 18, 2011 978-1-442-44654-0 160 pages[5][6]

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