Hilda Swenson is a resident of Deception Island.


Hilda was the mayor of Deception Island for eight years and her husband was the harbormaster. They documented the island and its history, including the story of Benjamin Hawkins and all the tunnels underneath the island. When Hilda's husband died, she left the island. Hilda was generally assumed to be crazy by the residents of Deception Island. No one had seen her face-to-face in years. Jenna Deblin brought her groceries out of pity.

Danger on Deception Island

Eventually Hilda began to realize something was amiss and, in 2003, left messages in bottles that led to a series of puzzles in order for someone smart - that person being Nancy Drew - to discover Benjamin Hawkins' hideout cave which the perpetrators of the strange acts, having found her notebook, were now using. Once Nancy sends Hilda her telephone number, they talk and have conversations about what needs to be done, and Nancy is able to save the island and restore peace.


  • Hilda and her husband were movie producers before they went to Deception Island.


  • "My apologies, dear. I'm many things, but I'm afraid I'm not much of a poet."
  • "You're just the kind of person I was hoping to find. Smart, resourceful, tenacious, and curious."
  • "It's not like you're talking to the Queen of England or anything. Although I did meet her once. Stuffy lot, those Windsors."
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