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Horseshoe Bay is the primary location of The CW 2019 television series Nancy Drew. It is a small coastal town in the Northern area of Maine state.

Known Locations


  • Drew House
  • Fan House
  • Hudson House
  • Marvin Mansion


  • The Police Station
  • The Claw
  • Keene High School
  • Lilac Inn
  • Funeral Home
  • Library



  • The town has a tradition of tipping over a bucket of seawater. According to legend, if the water has turned to blood, then the person will die within the next year.
  • Following the death of Lucy Sable in 2000, it is tradition for the newly crowned Sea Queen to place her crown on Lucy's grave.
  • Harbor Day celebrates the first ship arriving in Horseshoe Bay. The ship was supposed to arrive in Virginia, but legend goes that a sea creature called the Aglaeca pushed the ship off course. Once a year on Harbor Day, you can ask the Aglaeca of something; if the Aglaeca grants your wish, your eyes bleed, but the wish also comes with a price.[1]
  • All Hallows Tide serves as an to evening to remember the dead, complete with paper lanterns released from shore to mark souls passing over, but according to George it's more of a kids holiday sort like Halloween.


  • In the original novels, Nancy's hometown is called River Heights. In the CW's series, River Heights is instead a street name.
  • The Drew residence is located at 118 River Heights Drive, Horseshoe Bay, ME 04854.[2]
    • Horseshoe Bay is a fictional town, but according to the ZIP code, it would be located in Knox County, Maine, near the coastal fishing and resort town of Owls Head.
  • According to a map shown in season 3 episode "The Testimony of the Executed Man", Horseshoe Bay is marked as being located on the north-western side of Mount Desert Island, which comes under Hancock County, Maine.
  • The setting for the town is filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

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