Identity Theft is the 34th book in the Nancy Drew Girl Detective and second in the Identity Mystery Trilogy series. It was first published in January 2009 by Aladdin Paperbacks, and later imprint by Simon & Schuster.

Publisher's summary

With George and Bess's help, I joined the online group BetterLife to unmask the identities of some nasty cyberbullies who were harassing a friend of Bess's sister online. Little did I know that my sleuthing would lead me into even more trouble!

Now the cyberbullies are after me. Someone has hacked into my BetterLife account and manipulated my avatar to do things I would never do in real life.

Now this case is personal. My friends and I need to do some major cybersleuthing to identify the bullies before it's too late![1]


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Ned Nickerson


  • Nancy's house
  • Shannon's house

Businesses and organizations

  • Mr.Drew's office


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