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Intruder is the 27 book in the Nancy Drew Girl Detective.


Nancy must catch a powler before he ruins the day!

The library's Jane Austen Tea Party benefit is put in jeopardy when someone starts sabotaging the Bed and Breakfast hosting the event. Nancy has been called on to figure out how the prowler is getting into the house and why.


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Plot summary[]

When George's mom asks Bess, George, and me to help her with cater a benefit for the library, we're all on board. The event is a Jane Austen-themed party, and George even agrees to wear a dress for the occasion. It seems like the party isn't everyone's cup of tea. The bed-and-breakfast where the event is being held has been plagued by vandalism. Someone is breaking teapots, making a mess, booby-trapping the staircase, and generally terrorizing the old couple that runs the place. No one can figure out how the mysterious intruder is getting in and out of the house--and that's where I come in. I plan on solving this faster than I can get to the bottom of a cup of Darjeeling.



Characters appearing in this book include:

  • Nancy Drew
  • George Fayne
  • Scotty Fayne
  • Mrs. Fayne
  • Bess Marvin


  • River Heights

Businesses and organizations[]

  • The Library


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Type Publisher Released ISBN Length
Hardcover Perfection Learning December 1, 2007 0756982960 146 pages
Paperback Aladdin December 26, 2007 1416935266 160 pages
eBook Aladdin May 29, 2012 B00768D5X8 164

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