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Isaac Vega is a character in Tom Swift portrayed by Marquise Vilsón. Isaac is "Tom's bodyguard – trans, pansexual and a consummate badass. His simmering feelings for Tom will never get in the way of his duty and loyalty."[1]




At some point, Isaac was hired as the personal bodyguard to billionaire Tom Swift, a job he performed excellently in. He grew a rapport with his client and the Swift family as a whole.

Plot summary

Isaac and Zenzi search for a late Tom who is meant to give a speech to reporters on the eve of his father's departure into space. They find him welding while shirtless but fail to usher him along before Barton arrives, asking for privacy. Six months later, Barton's ship explodes during a live conversation event, leaving the Swift family devastated. On the day of Barton's funeral, Isaac supports Tom after he struggles with his speech. Tom believes his father was right about him being sensitive and weak, though Isaac disagrees. Tom then rests his head on Isaac's shoulder to cry. Barclay than relays that the explosion started outside the ship's hull, so it wasn't Tom's fault - his propulsion system didn't fail. He didn't kill his dad but will find out what did.

He learns that the ship was targeted by a satellite. He recruits Zenzi, Isaac, and Tom's cousin/adoptive brother Lino to help steal a program from a prestigious university that will help him access the satellite data. While Tom accesses the program, Isaac and Zenzi distract the Dean of the university and Nathan Eskol. Tom signals to his team using binary code that he's in trouble but to leave without him. After a dance, Isaac and Zenzi leave the party.

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Tom returns the following morning with Rowan, Eskol's bodyguard. Isaac pulls Rowan from the car and slams him against the side of the vehicle until Tom tells him to stop - Rowan's a friend. Tom ultimately learns that someone killed his father, and the company who owns the base of the satellite was founded by Eskol and believed to be a front for The Road Back. Tom loops Zenzi and Isaac in on the truth that his father survived the explosion and is sending a message to Earth with everything needed to find him. Unfortunately, the capsule containing the message splits apart. Despite the message being in fragments, the integrity of it should survive. He plans to find the capsule pieces to reassemble the pieces and find his father. He sets off with the help of Zenzi and Isaac, the latter of whom Tom gives a new outfit. The trio are blissfully unaware that Nathan Eskol has compromised Barlay and is spying on them the entire time.[2]

Isaac tries to figure out why a picture of Rowan is on Barclay's system. He deduces it's from the night Rowan touched Tom's shoulder and worries he compromised Barclay. Isaac wants to shut down the system but Tom refuses as Barclay is his friend and they need him. They learn the capsule is in the dangerous mines. Isaac launches into recon mode for the Darby wall. The trio arrives at the wall which Isaac explains is similar to one he faced in the special forces. He blasts the wall and system with an EMP to disable everything. Isaac doesn't want Tom to go alone but he assures the man he's got this, even holding his hand before going down.

While Tom is in the tunnel, Isaac and Zenzi talk about Tom not telling her about his tragic history with the mines. She hates that everyone lies to save face. He asks if she lies and she used to. In 2008, her dad went broke so her parents lied their way through everything. Barton paid for Zenzi to stay in private school, something Tom doesn't know. Isaac asks if she goes after guys like Chris because it perpetuates the lie, but they just make her feel like they belong. He doesn't think she should wait to be chosen. She asks why he's waiting to be chosen by Tom. On cue, Tom announces he's stuck and needs Zenzi to come to save him in the extra suit he brought.

Tom and Zenzi succeed in getting the piece but return to a captured Isaac and angered Chris Darby. Tom ultimately brokers a peace with Chris and deal where they both get what they want, thus, freeing Isaac and letting the trio leave with the piece. The next day, Isaac follows Rowan to Zenzi's where she's given an invitation to a private dinner. Tom finishes setting up a project when Barclay begins to glitch. He realizes Isaac was right and calls him. Isaac asks Tom to send him a text as a test, and spies on Isaac who receives the same one. He tells Tom that Eskol's body man, Rowan, was the one who compromised Barclay. Tom decides to handle it his own way by sending Rowan a “you up” video.[3]

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Tom's plan doesn't work so Isaac suggests rebooting Barclay, but the AI would never come back the same as he's made from Tom's memories. As they strategize, the trio attends Lino's fencing tryouts. Isaac and Zenzi happily cheer the teen on from the sidelines, with Isaac proud of the boy he's been training. Tom has to co-host the Swift Enterprises Annual Summit, so Isaac attends as his bodyguard, watching everything from a distance. After the event, Isaac finds Lino moping in the back room. He confides that he knew what his fencing opponent was going to do before he did it. It wasn't instincts, it was almost like a hallucination. He saw electricity moving the nerves in his muscles. It's been happening off and on starting a few weeks ago. His mom went through something similar when he was three, but she left him after going crazy. Isaac assures him they'll figure it out but Lino wants to talk with his mom. That night, Isaac asks Lorraine about Lino's mother but is shut down. He ultimately calls someone to find her.[4]





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