Jacques Brunais is a ski instructor at Wickford Castle in Wisconsin.


Jacques was in the Olympics representing France but something went wrong and he failed miserably. He feels terribly guilty for letting his country down.

Treasure in the Royal Tower

In 2001, Nancy meets Jacques at Wickford Castle. He is currently working as a ski instructor and is in Wisconsin to marry a woman named Isabelle, who is studying at the University of Madison.

Nancy eventually discovers him trying to saw his way into the Queen's tower. Jacques reveals that his great-grandfather found a medallion with a blue stone in it in the tower while dismantling it to ship it to America. He also found a journal, but only kept the medallion as other carpenters were coming. He gave Jacques the medallion as he was dying and told him to find out what it was for. Jacques then tells Nancy to open his locker and retreive it, but she is knocked out as soon as she tries and the medallion is stolen. Jacques in angry at Nancy for this for the rest of the game, but they eventually make up in the end and he elopes with Isabelle.

The Final Scene

Over the phone, George teases her cousin Bess about her crush on Jacques Brunais.


  • He has his own website.
  • When he's not teaching skiing, he paints hope boxes "for keeping secrets safe".
  • He holds the record for the 500 meter slalom.


  • "Why is it you American girls never know how to separate business from pleasure?"
  • "I am not the first French work of art to end up here."
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