Jim Archer is a banker in Titusville, Illinois. He went to law school with Carson Drew. He was the banker for Gloria Crandall and Josiah Crowley. Jim is voiced by Ben Laurance.


Secret of the Old Clock

In 1930, at the beginning of the Great Depression, Jim's bank is not doing well. He couldn't afford to pay a seamstress to finish creating a custom dress for his wife, and was even at Richard Topham's house begging for money. Jim, like Gloria and Emily, was led to believe that Josiah had left a large sum of money to him in his will, however, all that was left to him was a typewriter and an old, busted clock. Jim later tried to pawn the key to the clock for some extra money.

After Nancy uncovers Josiah's real will, Jim is left with a large sum of money which allows him to keep his bank functioning.

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