Joshua "Josh" Dodd is a character in The CW's 2019 television series Nancy Drew. He is the younger half-brother of Lucy Sable. Josh Dodd is portrayed by Kenneth Mitchell.


Josh was the younger half-brother of Lucy Sable and the son of Patrice Dodd. When Josh was young, he was upset at how Lucy's behavior changed from her relationship with Ryan Hudson. On the night that she had been crowned as the Sea Queen, she gifted her charm bracelet to her brother which, as an adult, he wears the charm around his neck as a pendant. In return he bought an bouquet of flowers to give to her win or lose however he never had the chance to give them to her as she died later that day which the town claimed as murder.

After Lucy's death, Josh and his mother moved to Vermont.[1]

Plot summary

Josh later moved back to Horseshoe Bay and took over his grandfather's mechanic workshop; he would later employ Ned Nickerson as an employee who lived over the workshop. His mother, Patrice, had developed dementia, which forced him to place her in a psychiatric hospital due to extensive care that she required.

Nancy Drew and the Drew Crew ask Josh questions about his sister Lucy in order to get information about the time prior to her death.[2]

Nancy later asks Josh about his and Lucy's mother, Patrice. Josh maintains that questioning his mother would not be of much help since the psychiatric facility is well-guarded and only family were allowed visiting rights.[3]

After the psychiatric facility burned down, Josh decided to bring his mother home and find a new place to re-home her. While he was getting gas for the car, his mother stole it and returned to The Claw, her former place of employment, where she startled the Drew Crew. Nick brought Josh to pick his mother up, and Josh informed Nick that, due to his responsibility to caring for his mother, he would have to close the workshop.

While following clues from Lucy's ghost, Nancy discovers that Josh was the one who killed Tiffany Hudson. On the night of the murder, Josh had actually targeted Ryan Hudson, whom he believed had killed Lucy due to his final emails to Lucy. Listening outside of their window, Josh overheard Ryan's meal order and took the opportunity to sneak into restaurant's kitchen when Bess Marvin accidentally dropped the drinks. Since Ace, who had been preparing the food, went to help her clean up, Josh took the chance to poison Ryan's salad. However, Bess had opted to help Ace dress the food, putting dressing on the salad, which Ryan refused to take. The salad was mistakenly transferred by a rattled George to Ace, who unwittingly used it as a side for Tiffany's meal, leading to her death.

Josh attacked kill Nancy for discovering the truth and accidentally electrocuted himself. However, when the police arrived, they discovered that Josh had vanished from the workshop.[4]

Josh begins following Nancy. He tries to use Owen Marvin to lure Nancy to him, but Owen refuses and Josh kills him. From the evidence, Nancy realizes Josh is back, and questions his mother. She confronts Josh and tells him that she's Lucy's daughter, and his niece. When the cops arrive, he tries to run and nearly falls off the roof of the building. Nancy and Ace pull him to safety, and he's arrested.[5]


Josh: It was supposed to be Ryan.

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