Laura Tandy is a character in The CW's 2019 television series Nancy Drew. She is Tiffany Hudson's sister who suspects her sister was murdered and pushes for further investigation. Laura Tandy is portrayed by Stevie Lynn Jones.



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Tiffany was in charge of Laura's trust until Laura turned 25. Laura sued her to get her inheritance before then.[1]

Plot summary

Laura comes to Horseshoe Bay for her sister's funeral, and she believes that Tiffany was murdered. She gets a copy of Tiffany's 911 call the night died and plays it at the funeral. Ace later discovers that if Tiffany's death is ruled a murder then Laura inherits everything.


Laura to Ace: You lost me once. Do you really want to lose me again?

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  • Laura Tandy is a show originals character, as she didn't appear in any Nancy Drew Novels. However, her surname Tandy is a reference to Russell H. Tandy. Russell H. Tandy is a cover artist known for illustrating 25 of Nancy Drew original series books.[2]


Laura Tandy appears in the following episodes:

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