Leela Yadav is a student at Waverly Academy.


Warnings at Waverly Academy

In 2009, Leela is a candidate for the school's valedictorian, and as such, is living in Ramsey Hall. She is the school's star athlete and loves staying active. She's won state championships in soccer and basketball. Recently, Leela hurt her wrist (which may have been caused by the mysterious Black Cat) but still tries to get Nancy to play air hockey and Scram with her.

On the school's website, she lists her interests as soccer, field hockey, lacross, basketball, squash, cross country, doubles eschaton, and science. Her favorite subject is biology. When asked about her plans after college, Leela says either materials engineering or social work, and that she hasn't decided yet.

Her roommate, Izzy Romero, "steals" her boyfriend Jacob, who may have been Jacob Pryce. He goes to Oxborough Academy.


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